Wrist Weights for Tremors

Wrist weights for tremors

The benefits of wearing wrist weights for tremors are wide ranging. They add resistance to your normal routine and help enhance small muscle groups that are otherwise hard to target. For most, this is just a luxury or supplement to their normal fitness regiment. However, wearing light weights is scientifically proven to aid certain muscular disorders, specifically with helping manage the effects of debilitating or irritating muscle tremors.

What are Tremors?

Tremors are involuntary muscle movements caused by a neurological or metabolic disorder.These conditions include Parkinson's Disease, ALS, blood toxicity, and alcohol or drug withdrawal. With over 10 million people in the United States alone are suffering from tremors, it is a fairly common health issue. Often viewed erroneously as a physical manifestation of psychological trauma, treatment methods have varied wildly over the past decades. Tremors usually begin in the hands and feet, making this the first front of maintaining and controlling their spread. Recent research has shown wrist weights can be of use to many sufferers.

The Science

Studies have stated that wearing wrist weights during normal activities can reduce the ability of the muscles to fire involuntarily. By keeping pressure on the muscles, the tremor is “dampened” or the severity is reduced to subconscious levels. For example, think of the arm muscles as a wire. When a wire is taut you can pull it very hard and it will vibrate very quickly but not with a wide range of motion. However, if a wire is slack the movement (up and down) is much more visible and the frequency much slower. For this reason, wearing weights on your hands can reduce the negative effects of tremors that travel at a certain rate and be totally inept against others. Weighing down limbs will never “cure” the tremors only reduce the vibration in the muscle making them harder to feel. This can still be a huge help to many.

The Positives

Unlike other treatments like medication, weights can be taken on and off as needed. For example, weights can be worn while eating, writing a letter, or typing an email. Weights can be used any time tremors can be extremely frustrating or dangerous. Imagine how difficult using utensils or typing a message can be with constant muscle spasms. This is not a guaranteed solution but it can help during certain activities. Furthermore, using weights does not interfere with other therapies. There are no risks of conflicting with medication and they can be removed during physical therapy treatments. In certain cases, strengthening muscles can reduce the stress of tremors. Wearing weights could be considered a tiny workout that can be useful.

The Negatives

Weights will only help with certain types of tremors, and can prove detrimental to others. It depends on the severity, frequency, and type of disorder. Wearing hand weights can be a godsend for some, and be completely ineffective or actively harmful for others. The only way to find out is to speak with your physician. This is an absolute MUST before embarking on a weight program. If they say it won’t help, please do not try it on your own as it could increase the severity and frequency of certain conditions. Also, there is a tendency for the tremors to subside when wearing the weights, but return with increased discomfort when removed. Due to this phenomenon it’s extremely important to discuss a schedule with your physician.

Weights are not a cure for tremors but a way to help people function better when they need it most. Wearing them for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to therapy or harmful to your muscular health. On a purely physical plane, don’t forget they can become tiring, difficult, and uncomfortable to wear daily. Also, with some health issues strength training is prohibited outside very controlled exercises. Wearing weights can be an intense workout. Lastly, people using weights may feel they have improved to the point where medication is no longer necessary. All prescribed medication must be used in conjunction with an approved weight schedule, regardless of any side effects.


Weights on your wrists have been proven to be an effective treatment for certain types of tremors that operate at a certain frequency. They can help you maintain muscle control for certain everyday activities that are impossible or extremely frustrating with constant muscle action. They can reduce the pain and severity of tremors for short periods of time. Hand weights are, however, not a cure for tremors. Weighing your muscles can have certain side effects in terms of recurrence when they are removed. They are best utilized in conjunction with a thoroughly engineered schedule, medication, and any other relevant physical therapies. While appearing harmless, (possibly even initially helpful) no one with tremors should begin, or continue, wearing weights without the expressed recommendation of a doctor (and in absolutely no circumstance against a doctor’s wishes). It’s best to consider weights for tremors as another form of medication. While it is natural to self-medicate in a tough situation, the side-effects can make it worse.

How You Can Help

If someone you know suffers from arm/hand tremors, recommend they ask their doctor about whether wearing weights will improve their quality of life. If the answer is yes, make sure to follow doctor recommendations of suggested weight, duration of the treatment, and inform them immediately if you feel your condition is deteriorating in any way. There are many options for weights so make sure you find the one that is most comfortable for you.