Weight Vest Exercises Drills And Workouts

You've bought your weighted vest, but what now? What do you actually do with it? Depending on your goals, whether it's weight loss or to gain strength, you're still looking at the same exercises and workouts actually. By adding a weighted vest to the mixture your body will burn more calories and get rid of that unwanted fat, while at the same time gaining more power and muscles. Down below you'll find some exercises that will help you with your training, they will both burn fat and make you explosive and powerful.

Before you get started working out, remember to warm up thoroughly. All that added weight will put more pressure on your body, so make sure you're properly warmed up! Do some light cardio before putting the vest on, either by doing a quick jog or a couple of minutes on the jumping rope. As to how many reps you should do, we recommend that you stay in the 8-12 rep range.

Also, you should be able to complete your normal workout without the vest on. You should only have the weight vest on when your normal workout routine is too easy for you.

Weighted Lunges

The lunge is a classic exercise that is pretty challenging even without a weighted vest. To perform the movement you simply take a big step forward and squat down until your back knee touches the floor. When performing the weighted lunge it's important to not overextend your front knee, it should never pass your front toe. Keeping your back straight is important, especially when the vest is on, a slouched back could cause injuries.

You could do the lunge either by walking forward a few yards then doing the same thing back, or you could stand in the same place alternating legs. It doesn't matter which exercise you do, both will be great for fat loss and to build muscle.

The main muscle groups targeted by weighted lunges are the back muscles, abs, calves, hamstrings and your glutes.

Weighted Squats

To perform the weighted squat, stand a little wider than your shoulders. Bring your arms in front of you and while keeping a straight back, squat down til your knees are at a 90 degree angle. It's important that you keep your feet flat on the ground, you shouldn't be putting too much weight on your toes or on your heels. Weighted squats will target your butt and hamstrings mostly. Try to keep your form as strict as possible, it's better to do fewer reps with perfect form rather than pushing out a lot with poor form.

Weighted Box Jumps

A box jump is a plyometric exercise that is great for building explosive leg strength and shred fat. The platform you're jumping onto shouldn't be lower than two feet. There are two variations of this exercise, the speed jumps or squat box jumps. With speed jumps you're supposed to jump up the box and down again as quick as possible. This is great for your cardio and will give your body a real workout. If you prefer to build muscles and more power, the squat box jumps are much better. Here you'll jump onto the box, but instead of jumping down directly you will do a squat and then jump down.

Weighted Push Ups

Another classic exercise, the pushup on its own isn't that impressive, but with some added weight it can be quite challenging. The push up can be performed with plenty of variations, having your arms closer to the body will target the triceps and arms more. If you have a wider stance your will train your chest more. Please remember that you should be able to do at least ten pushups without a vest on, don't do weighted push ups on your knees. If you're lacking creativity when it comes to push ups, men's fitness has a great article about it.

Weighted Sprints

The last and final exercise drill is the weighted sprint, it's great for weight loss and building power and speed. Don't forget to check our article about weighted vests for running as well. While some people will recommend you to do a certain amount of time, it's better to push it as far as you can. Doing a sprint for a full minute is hard, let alone with heavy weight vest on. If you have access to a running track it's even better. Dedicate one area of the track to the sprint and jog the rest. That way you will be able to mix high intensity with low intensity training, it's the ultimate workout for your body. The weighted sprint will target all of your leg muscles.

Time to get shredded!

As you probably noticed, all of these exercise drills and workouts are you regular body weight drills. There are literally hundreds of different exercises you could do, but these are some of our favorites, they're great for weight loss and muscle growth. Let us know in the comments down below which exercise you love the most!