Wearing A Weighted Vest All Day – Good or Bad?

A common question we get asked is: Can I wear a weighted vest all day long? 

The answer to that is both yes and no. It all comes down to how fit you are and if you've used a weighted vest before. If you're just starting out with weighted training, it's very important to take it easy for a while. The benefits of wearing a weight vest all day are:

  • More burnt calories
  • Stronger bones
  • Muscular development 
wearing a weighted vest all day

Generally speaking, it is safe to wear vest all day long, but that's assuming you're taking it easy and increasing difficulty in small increments. If you do it improper, it will end badly for your joints, bones and muscles.

Take it easy and steady

While your muscle enjoy a good ol' shock once in a while, your joints do not. If you weigh 100 pounds and suddenly decide to wear a 70 pound vest for several hours, your body will have no time to adapt. People who train this way are very likely to become injured in one way or another. And let me tell you, fixing joint problems is not an easy thing to do.

But if you're smart and decide to take it slow, your body will gain huge benefits from wearing a weighted vest all day. When you first start out​ it's better to start a very low weight, 5% of your total body weight is what we recommend. 

There's also nothing that says you need to have the vest on for a full day. Start with half-days if you feel like that's a better progression. Now depending on your goal, you could either try wearing the vest for a full day, or keep doing half-days but with added weight.

Get yourself a vest that is comfortable

There are literally hundreds of different vests out there, but only a few are comfortable enough to wear all day long. It's important that you get yourself a vest that has a good fit but is also padded around the shoulders and neck. A common problem people get while wearing a vest all day is becoming sore in their neck and shoulders due to a bad and uncomfortable fit. ​

Not only is a comfortable vest is important, but what you're wearing on feet is actually quite important too. If you're a beginner we highly recommend that you use shoes with plenty of padding, if you can use shoes with ankle supports that's even better. If you skimp out on the shoes you can develop plantar fasciitis, also known as heel pain.

Wear it all day, but do it with caution

So while wearing a weight vest all day is not bad, you have to take precautions to prevent yourself from getting injured. If you do it correctly there's plenty of benefits, you'll grow stronger, get a leaner body and also improve your stamina. Don't be discouraged if you feel tired and sore after the first day, even with low weights. This is completely normal and is actually a good sign, the following days you body will become less and less sore as it gets used to the weight. 

It's also a good idea to see a doctor, just to make sure you won't have any problems with the vest on for several hours.​