Vmax Weighted Vest Review

Ideal for walking, running and body-weight workouts the upgraded 30 Lb V-Max weight vest is an ideal medium-resistance garment that offers quality and value designed to last.

An item of high specification sportswear that is perfect for use in all forms of high-intensity exercise (including boxing, mixed martial arts and Cross Fit) there’s certainly a reason it has been the top selling weight vest in the USA for the past 30 years.

In our 30 Lb V-Max weight vest review we look at the key benefits the product offers...

Tip: Looking for a heavier model? Check out the V-force vest!​ It's made by the same company.

Sizing and weights

The V-max weighted vest is available in two sizes to guarantee the essential comfort and flexibility needed for those who like to train hard, so when ordering it’s best advised to consider your workout regime and body shape.

The two shoulder widths can be chosen based on the particular exercises you undertake. So you may find the 4-¼” wide shoulder best for cardio focused workouts whilst the 3-¼” suits better for body-weight workouts such as pull ups.

However as a more general guide, the 4-¼” option is a good bet for those with broader shoulders whilst the 3-¼” will be better suited for those with a narrower frame.

The attached weights themselves each scale at 2.5lbs and are approximately 3-7/8" long, 2" wide and 1-1/2" thick. All weights have enamel coated rounded corners, a small but clever design tweak that makes sure they never wear out the fabric of the inner or outer garment.


There’s a reason the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest is considered the 100% guaranteed strongest vest available.

A product clearly designed with regular use and durability in mind, the vest benefits from a range of features that help to retain shape after every use.

The introduction of inter-skeletal webbing gives the garment lasting structure whilst reinforced shoulders and pockets are designed to maintain the body of the vest during every workout.

Shoulder and body padding is high density, crush proof and benefits from reassuring little extras including mold resistant fiber and O-zone protected foam, all of which add to the comfort and durability of the garment when faced with humidity.


One of the first things you notice about this garment is the feeling of quality, and this is largely down to the use of Condura materials.

Condura provide an industry recognized collection of fabrics used in varying products including backpacks, clothing and army wear and they are well renowned for durability and resistance to tearing.

All V-max Weighted Vests are manufactured with specialist Cordura materials that have been independently tested to endure at 1000-D, assuring even the most well used garment remains resistant to abrasion and wear.

Another hallmark of quality comes in the form of the T-90 and T-70 nylon threading and lock-stitch sewing used throughout each garment. This guarantees that weight holding pockets remain intact without damage and the adjustment belt will remain strapped even during vigorous exercise.

One of a few fantastic additional features is the optional liner that safeguards against the inevitable sweat and moisture that comes with high intensity exercise. This inner lining is fully machine washable and can be dried at a moderate heat.

And if you’re keen to work out in style, the 30 Lb V-Max Weight Vest is available in a wide choice of colors and patterns especially useful if you train as part of a team or gym group.

And if you’re keen to work out in style, the 30 Lb V-Max vest is available in a wide choice of colours and patterns especially useful if you train as part of a team or gym group.


Available for just over $150, the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest represents a significant investment in a heavy duty, lasting addition to your successful training regime.

Coming with a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping (within the United States) this garment presents a sound purchase all weight and resistance training enthusiasts.

Customer satisfaction

An industry leading product that has been an established bestseller for more that 30 years, feedback on this product is as positive as you might imagine.

Owing to its comfortable fit, weight distribution and maneuverability the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest has been widely commended by athletes as a versatile training aid that can be utilized for almost any activity (other than swimming!).

Praise has also been extended for the quality and durability of the vest, in particular the quality of material and stitching and the way the garment keeps shape even after vigorous daily use.

Consistently receiving five star reviews from satisfied customers, the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest is an established product of choice for people who are serious about high-intensity exercise regimes.