V-Force Weighted Vest Review 2017

The V-force weight vest is one of the best vests available today. Not only is it highly versatile, it's also made from very durable materials. Unlike many other vests out there, the V-force can be bought in a wide variety of colors and sizes. When it comes to the actual weight of the V-force vest, you can choose from 30 to 150 pounds. They are among the few manufacturers that offer this many options for a weighted vest, if not the only ones. The V-force weighted vest is a great option for beginners and professionals alike. 

Still unsure about the vest? Reading the reviews on Amazon, there are literally zero bad reviews, more than 85% of the ratings have given 5 stars to the v-force weight vest. If that doesn't scream quality I don't know what will.​

The vest is made from a triple layered nylon fabric, as if that wasn't enough they have reinforced the stitching. It has fully padded shoulders so you can max out the weight without destroying your poor shoulders.​

Smartly designed - If you're a man

​At first glance the design of the V-force weighted vest doesn't seem way too spectacular. But it's actually very well designed. The shoulders are a prime example of this, they're just the perfect width. Wide enough to distribute the weight evenly and narrow enough to give you full range of motion. 

Another typical problem with many other vests are the weight pockets, it's very common for the stitching on these pockets to fray after a while. The V-force are the opposite, here you'll find heavy duty pockets that are reinforced with tough webbing. They're also just the right size, the included weights have just the right fit and will not bounce around when you work out.​

However even though this vest is great for men, women may find it​ a really uncomfortable. It was obviously designed for people with a "fuller" frame, but some reviewers have claimed it doesn't matter. We can recommend checking out our article, weighted vests for women for more options.

Many different styles

The V-force weighted vest come in many styles and weights. When it comes to color, you have the option of choosing between 12 colors (red, orange, black, and plenty of darker green colors) and military inspired camouflaged patterns. Another interesting feature is that V-force has actually developed a weighted vest specifically for basketball. It has narrower shoulders than the regular ones which gives a bigger range of motion, it can only carry a max weight of 30 lbs though. 

On each vest you will find weight pockets on both the front and the back, this will distribute the weight evenly and let you perform your exercises with perfect form. The heavier the vest, the longer it is. After the 40 pound mark the vest will pass your waist, but luckily it still leaves plenty of room. If you need as much movement as possible, we recommend the 30 lbs basketball vest. Some users have reported that doing pull ups with the regular vests can be a little bit tricky due to the wide shoulders for example.

A little bit pricey but thankfully versatile

I've said this before, but when it comes to weighted vests, you get what you pay for. The v-force weighted vest might be a little bit pricey for many, you're looking at a price of $165 for their cheapest vest and more than $400 their heaviest one.​ But then again, you're actually paying for a high quality vest that will last you a lifetime, even if it doesn't you're covered by their lifetime warranty.

And you can't forget that this vest is highly versatile, people have used it for running, basketball, crossfit, calisthenics and many other areas of training. It's also been used by firemen and the military all over the world, so chances are it will suit your needs as well.

We've yet to find someone who doesn't consider this to be a worthy purchase. We can almost give you a 100% guarantee that you will love the V-force weighted vest as much as everyone else. If the price is still too high, be sure to check the table on our front page for more options.