Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery

In this review we will be taking a close look at the Ultra Flex Knee Compression Sleeve and giving you our opinion on what makes this compression sleeve such a good investment

Firstly we will start with the design which has been structured with flexibility and the users range of motion in mind Which is a big plus when total movement in the leg is required,but still needs support.

There is no compromise with maneuverability and the support sleeve can easily be worn as part of any sports training or for supporting the knee and surrounding area  to alleviate any potential knee strain.

The overall textured neoprene is totally breathable and has the added benefit of having unique gripping strips on the inside.

This feature helps the knee sleeve to stay in place when you are involved in sporting activities or just moving around.

The material is thin enough for the user to wear underneath clothing throughout the day which is ideal for anyone suffering from minor ligament or knee pain.

​What Does A Knee Support Actually Do?

There is a slight misconception that a knee compression sleeve is more or less the same as a knee brace. This is not quite true.

A knee brace is used to protect the knee form any injury or problem that may have happened in the past and it basically helps to stop that injury from returning.

The ultra flex and similar compression sleeves have been designed as an aid for the following:

  • To alleviate any kind of pressure on the knee and to help prevent any future injury or damage.This is evident if you are a frequent runner or sprinter,weightlifter or bodybuilder,when wearing a support can help limit muscle vibration and also helps in the prevention of fatigue which will avoid damage to the knees and surrounding areas.
  • To add compression to the knee area that contributes to increasing blood flow, reduce swelling, and minimize pain in the knee joints both during and after intense exercise. The compression helps your muscles to recover faster from your workout.

The Benefits Of Wearing One.

  • reduction in inflammation and swelling,stimulates blood flow,aids swift muscular recovery
  • can be used for MMA,football,hiking,volleyball,skiing,tennis,golf,bodybuilding,squatting cycling,baseball
  • surgery recovery,runners & jumpers knee,ACL,MCL,PCL,meniscus tear,arthritis,tendonitis
  • offers stable compression for squats,weightlifting,cardio training,spin class,fitness,crossfit.
  • suitable for all,men,women and children.
Can This Be Worn When Running Or Sprinting?

The simple answer to that is Yes. The support sleeve offers compression and muscle warmth during intense sporting activities. Running is one of the many intended uses and can help to protect the area from damage.


As stated earlier the ultra flex athletics compression sleeve has been designed with some of the very latest technology allowing athletes and trainers of all levels to push the limits in their training regimes.

 The innovative 4 way stretch capability, offers good all around superior support and protection and  is an important factor in helping runners, weightlifters, bodybuilders,amateur and even professional athletes.


The maximum compression grade does a superb job of protecting the knee and helps to promote good blood flow while reducing inflamation and swelling. Also speeds up muscle recovery and repair and the designed strips allow for a superior non slip action allowing you to get through your workout without having to keep reajusting.


Unfortunately the package only contains one sleeve but being well priced we only see this as a small inconvenience.

Take care of your knees and prevent future injury

If you have had any type of injury or surgery etc to the area then the ultra flex sleeve is highly recommended to use during the recovery phase and can help to speed up the process.

With an easy fit using the measuring chart,lightweight breathable fabric and designed for all day comfort and ultra-durability. the ultra flex athletics knee compression sleeve support  is a must for anyone looking for a good quality and well priced professional grade knee support.