The MiR Weighted Vest Review 2017

MiR is a well known brand in the world of weigh training. Their brand is known for high quality products that people all over the world love. The MiR weighted vest is no different. It's one of the best rated vests on the market today. In this review we'll be taking a look at why this vest is so popular. With over 145 positive reviews and a 4.5 star rating, this vest has plenty to offer. 

The MiR weighted vest is suitable for all types of training, whether you're looking to build huge muscles or get that shredded and lean body for the summer. While it has mostly only positives to it, there a few drawbacks but fortunately they're not too big.

It has a slightly higher price than other vests out there, but is it worth it? Read our review and find out!

One size fits all body types, but...

It doesn't matter if you're a tall guy with no muscles or a short guy built like a bull, the MiR weighted vest will fit you.​  It's a shorter model which means it ends just above your stomach, this is great if you're doing exercises which require plenty of mobility. But there are some drawbacks, plenty of customers wouldn't recommend the MiR weight vest to a woman. This is partially due to the compact design which would put too much pressure on your breasts. If you're on the smaller side, the vest might fit you but it's still advisable to look for other alternatives. We have a good guide on weight vests for women.

Some other customers have complained about it rubbing against the skin when wearing it for longer periods of time. While they clearly said it only rubbed just a little, it still creates discomfort so it would be smart to wear a shirt underneath.​

Adjustable like few

Unlike the majority of vests today, the MiR vest can actually be adjusted in several places, not just your waist. Something pretty unique is that you can actually adjust in the shoulder, to get that perfect fit. The shoulders are the most common area of soreness when it comes to weight vests. Having that option to fine tune it just to your liking is what makes this such a great choice. 

It's also very easy to adjust the weight with the MiR vest thanks to small pockets on the front and back. Some customers even claimed you can put on the weights in whatever way you like without it affecting the weight distribution. One thing to note about the weight pockets is the fact that they're really snug. It's pretty hard getting them out with tools, so adjusting the weight during one training session will quickly become tiresome.

Comfortable for all kinds of sports

To ensure maximum comfort MiR have double-padded the shoulders to ensure 100% comfort all the time. The inner part of the vest is lined with a breathable mesh fabric, preventing too much heat getting trapped. While the fabric on its own doesn't do much, ​the sides are thankfully open and will let cool air flow in between. 

Another big plus are the adjustable straps that you will find on the middle portion of the vest. Thanks ​to this little strap you can get a really good and snug fit.  The MiR weighted vest has been used for running, calisthenics, football and many sports without any troubles.

Since the vest is designed to be short and end just above your abdomen, you get a free range of motion in all direction. A common problem with other vests is that they're too long and restrict your movement around your abdomen, making you feel stiff.​

Available in different weight capacities

The vest pictured in our review is the 50 pound version, there are however other version ranging from 30 pounds up to a whopping 200 pounds. Each weight is 3 pounds, making it easy to adjust and fine tune.

Price will of course vary depending on how much weight you want. The cheapest one will go for $39 while the most expensive and heaviest one goes for about $399 in total.

All in all, the MiR weighted vest is a solid piece of training equipment. There's little dislike about it, plenty of weight options, compact, comfortable, highly durable and moderately priced.