Reebok Women’s Weighted Walking Vest Review

With the Reebok Womans Weighted Walking Vest you will have the advantage of getting beneficial regular intense exercise that will not stress the body too much.

It has also been widely recognized that to get the most out of your workouts you really need to be using some form of weighted clothing or weights.

The weighted walking vest will help you immensely with your weighted exercises. The weight vest is custom fit and comes with added weights that will help you to burn calories and get more out of your exercise.

Whether you’re doing pushups, lunges or walking for fitness this vest will add the extra weight needed to challenge you even more. The weights can be adjusted from between 2 pounds to 10 pounds so you can reach your fitness goals faster than ever whatever your starting level.

This weighted vest will help you to strengthen your back and core as the weight sits on your upper body. You’ll see faster results and burn fat quicker with the Reebok Women’s Weighted Walking Vest.

Reebok are probably most well known for their shoes but they produce a range of sporting and fitness apparel. Their vision is to help others fulfil their potential by providing them with the products, the opportunities and the inspiration to meet their dreams.

The Weighted Walking Vest Fits Comfortable Around Your Body

The reebok womans walking vest has adjustable straps to make it fit snugly around your body. It should fit comfortably on most women and has received many positive reviews from fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Get A More Intense Workout

Having the extra weight around your body will make your workouts much more intense. Don’t be fooled into thinking 10 pounds isn’t much. Once you start moving you’ll really feel the added weight and your body will have to work much harder than it’s used to.

Makes Your Muscles Stronger

There’s no doubt about it, adding weight as resistance to your exercises will strengthen and tone your muscles. Even just wearing this vest while out walking will improve your leg strength. This Reebok Vest is comfortable to wear an has straps that can be adjusted to fit just about anyone. The weight is distributed across the vest to give you an even weight distribution.


  • Custom Fit Design
  • Burn More Calories
  • Challenge Your Lungs
  • Added Weight Resistance

What Customers Are Saying

People wanting to get fit and improve their health have rated the Reebok Women’s Vest 4.3 out of 5 stars. It’s one of the highest rated weighted vests on Amazon and customers say it is comfortable to wear and improves their strength and general well being. Let’s have a look at a few customer reports below.

“This weighted walking vest fits perfectly on my 119 LB, 5′ 5″ frame. It is adjustable for different body types, but probably to small for an obese person. I was motivated to buy it after seeing all of my elderly relatives on my mother’s side of the family who have Dowager’s hump from osteoporosis and degenerative disc disease. The weighted vest helps to build bone density by increasing your body weight when you walk.”

“I wear this mainly to hike or walk on the treadmill. It makes me sweat a lot more than without it and is unexpectedly heavy for only being 10lbs! I have also used it when I am working out with weights or doing squats or pushups. I start sweating really fast with this on. I really like this vest because I feel like it is helping me get a much better “burn” in my workouts.”

“THIS vest is just what I need. The shoulders are very comfortable, and have some kind of fabric that keeps them from sliding. I was able to cinch the waist tightly as well. Nothing moves, nothing shifts, it all stays exactly where it’s supposed to. I am so thankful to Reebok for making this product.”

“I am extremely happy with this purchase. I am 5’4″, my shoulders are 40″, chest 34″, waist 26″. I am able to tighten this vest so it is securely placed, and I am able to wear it continually around the house & while exercising.”

Recommendation & Price

If you’re looking for a weighted vest to add extra resistance to your exercises then look no further than the Reebok Women’s 10lb Weighted Walking Vest.

This vest isn’t just great for walking. It straps up tightly so you can use it for all kinds of exercises including lunges, squats, push-ups, pull-ups and weight lifting.