IronWear Speed Vest Review

The Ironwear Speed Vest is one of the new innovative weighted vests that can be used as a conditioning tool for any major sport including, track and field, basketball, football, baseball and volleyball. Due to its unique modern construction the vest can also be used in the water for regular resistance training opening up many more training options that would not have been available before.

The vest itself is made up of a polyester mesh material that has been specifically designed to dry fast and does not collect water. It has comfortable flexible shoulder straps which ensures that you have not only the comfort but also mobility and padding. The weight vest is a mere ½ inch thick with a thin layer of flex-metal weights. This makes it great for running, and endurance sports where you are really actively moving around and need the extra movement.

Ironwear Design And Features

The weights on the vest are nice and evenly balanced from the back to the front and comes supplied with 10 pounds of Flex-metal™ weights, but can be adjusted from 1 pound up to 10 pounds by simply removing or adding the ½ pound metal weights.This in itself makes it much easier for beginners to use a smaller weight until their body and physique has adapted to the much heavier weight.

Main Features

  • Very light weight
  • Adjustuble from 1lb up to to 10lbs
  • Can wear in the water and has a secure strap fitting across the body to prevent side to side shifting
  • The vest is highly visible which is great for anyone using it for road running
  • The weights are distributed evenly in the front and back so it does not restrict or hinder your natural movement. Very important factor for athletes!
  • 20 1/2 pound weights are included with the vest
ironwear speed vest review

Sizing of the vest

One of the great benefits of this type of sports product is that it has a one size fits all design.This is a great feature also as none of us are exactly built the same,so ideal for all shapes and sizes. The unique cross system strapping allows it to adjust to each individuals body type whether the user is large framed or small,and cuts down on the overall movement of the garment.

Benefits Of Wearing The Speed Vest

As stated earlier the biggest and most obvious benefit of this new type of weighted vest is that you can wear and train with it in the water.This basically opens up a whole new element to resistance training which up until now has not been as efficient as it might have been.

ironwear speed vest features

Water running is mostly low impact training and is not entirely that challenging enough at times.This would push your training to new limits.! The vest is primarily built using a fast dry polyester mesh.The porous design permits the vest to dry quickly and in turn does not allow it to collect water.

This would also be a great weight vest for use in running given the fact that you can adjust it up to 10lbs and it has a very open arm area that offers plenty of mobility and with its hi viz appearance is well suited for any running activity.It is definitely a more snug fit being slightly tighter and thinner than most uni-vests.

Weight Capacity

It’s a very lightweight yet robust vest allowing you to easily remove the ½ pound weights giving the user the option to go as low as is required for their particular training needs.If you have all the weights fitted then obviously the more resistance you have, the more cardio benefits are gained and when you really get into your workout, you will feel the difference.

For those looking for more hardcore workouts you can check out other options such as the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest or the Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest both of these offer heavier weight options.

Professional Level Fitness For Everyone

Whatever type of training you do whether it be on a professional level or just for your own fitness then any type of weight vest can help with fat burning, as well as muscle toning and conditioning.

The Ironwear Speed Vest is part of the new range of multi purpose weight vests that makes it possible for any person to achieve weight naturally,improve on their overall fitness, and boost overall endurance and performance.