Everything You Need To Know About Weighted Gloves

Cardio alone has great health benefits. It helps you stay slim and is the best way to exercise your heart. However, studies show that adding strength training to your routine can be excellent for you. Now this doesn’t mean you have to begin a serious weightlifting regimen. It requires adding a little resistance to your cardio routine. If you enjoy doing activities like zumba, boxing/kickboxing, or even using the elliptical, running or walking, you could see increased results from wearing weighted gloves.

How Do Gloves Help?

Adding a bit of weight to your exercise adds difficulty and trains your muscles. Your muscles are working harder with every movement. For boxers/kickboxers, it helps strengthen the shoulders, core, and forearms. When the gloves are removed you can feel that extra zip on each punch. For runners and walkers, gloves can be a replacement for awkwardly carrying dumbbells. Adding weight is beneficial for almost every exercise with repetitive motion. If you feel like you’re looking for something more in your normal routine, adding weight can be the answer that brings results.

By wearing gloves you are adding strength and toning your muscles without thinking about it. Sure your workout will be harder, but that's the point. You will feel the difference. Best of all wearing weighted gloves does not put undue stress on your joints. They are designed to mimic the body, unlike dumbbells. They will be more comfortable while providing the same benefits. So if you’re looking to tone and train at the same time here are some great options

Choosing The Best Weighted Gloves

It all depends on your exercise of choice. For boxers, kickboxers, and MMA trainees it's important to keep the weight light at first to reduce stress of the shoulder. Punching is a violent movement, best not to increase the stress too much until you know you can handle it. A tight fit and even weight distribution are also 100% essential for muscle health. For walking, running and general cardio you can add more weight.

Another sport where weighted gloves can help is basketball. An open palmed glove can allow you to shoot with extra resistance. When you take them off you’ll be surprised at your improved shoulder, and wrist strength. This will make getting those long 3’s off so much easier during big games. There’s a right glove for everyone and you just need to know where to look

Everlast EverGel

Anyone familiar with boxing equipment surely knows Everlast. They are known as one of the leaders in the field, and this design is no different. With a slim design these weighted hand wraps are perfect for someone looking for a dual purpose glove. The one pound gel pack weight is removable, meaning you no longer need a heavy pair and a normal pair. You can go from kickboxing class to actually hitting the bag in a matter of seconds.

At $33 dollars a pair you are paying for convenience, versatility, and the Everlast name. With 120 day warranty and reputation for quality and satisfaction, it’s worth the investment. (Disclaimer: Most Customers say the gloves can feel a bit tight with the weight pack inserted, so be sure to order a size up).


The neoprene option from Prosource is one of the most minimal on the market. With an open palm design, and a two finger loop, these gloves are good for a very wide range of activities. They are especially good for basketball players looking to add resistance to that jump shot. The spartan design means you won’t have to alter your form to add power to your game.

Coming in at $20 and carrying a lifetime warranty, Prosource weighted gloves are a perfect choice for anyone looking to use them across different disciplines. The flexible and comfortable neoprene makes it so you can wear them the whole workout or practice.


As the name would suggest these gloves are engineered with MMA in mind. Mixed martial Arts based workouts are an amazing way to get in shape, even if you never want to take a punch. They are perfect for soft punching bag practice, shadow boxing and general training but not meant for sparring. UFC weighted gloves offer sturdy construction and individual finger loops for full dexterity during wrestling, jiu jitsu, and grappling sessions.

Just $15, UFC offers one of the best values around. The sturdy construction and soft neoprene will help you take your training to the next level. Not into MMA, no problem! They are perfect for your boxing workouts, or kickboxing class as well.

Meister Elite

Meister Elite Weighted Workout Gloves are designed with comfort and durability in mind. One look at them and you will see the superior quality. Pliable iron sand weighting and supple neoprene combine to make a glove that form fits to your hand. During those tough workouts you will feel the difference. Furthermore, the extended wrist strap makes for a snug fit that won’t slide and scratch, and the finger loops are designed for easy extraction. That’s easier said than done after a sweaty session.

The $25 price tag makes these a bit more of a premium product, but you will feel the difference once you put them on, and keep feeling it time after time. Plus, based on pure aesthetics, they are one of the best looking gloves on the market.


Title Weighted Gloves are unique in their variety of options. Coming in 1,2, and 3 pound pairs makes them perfect for athletes of all levels. From the casual walker to the hardcore boxer, everyone can find a weight that fits their needs and their hands. The open palm design makes them perfect for basketball as well. Title offers a no frills mentality that delivers only what’s promised.

These gloves are the ultimate choice for someone who wants performance without the pomp. The price ranges from $19-$25 based on your selected weight. Don’t be afraid to start at the lowest level and upgrade your workouts as you go.


Empower Women’s Weighted Fitness Gloves are one of the few options specifically engineered with women in mind. The open-palm and even weight distribution make them perfect for running and walking. The sturdy construction and tight fit lets you work with confidence during that Zumba, kickboxing, or crossfit session.

Finding female centric weightlifting products can be difficult, but this one stands out above the rest. There’s no substitute for wearing something designed for your anatomy. With a 4.4 rating on amazon, (one of the highest in the segment) the results speak for themselves. The $20 cost is more than reasonable for anyone of any fitness level.


As the name would suggest, these gloves are designed specifically for kickboxing. If you’re looking to make your kickboxing classes or workouts a little bit more difficult, these are the ideal option. Weighing in at 1.75 pounds per pair they are a bit lighter than most standard gloves. This is perfect for adding weight to those crosses and jabs without hurting your shoulders and joints.

With an extremely centered weight profile, your natural motions and ergonomics will stay consistent throughout your workout. While kickboxing is the main focus, these can be a good fit for someone looking for a lighter glove for walks and runs. The Combat gloves are also offered in multiple colors and women’s sizes to make sure they fit your body and style. For only $18, you can be well on your way to taking that kickboxing workout up a notch.


Nayoya has created an amazingly comfortable and versatile product good for a variety of exercises. The sturdy wrist and palm straps make for a comfortable fit. The evenly spread weight allows for perfect punches. The 2 pound weight makes it easy to take out on that evening run, or nightly walk. With a 4.6 rating on Amazon, it is extremely well regarded. It is hard to find a flaw with these weighted gloves. While not the flashiest, these just perform and perform well from the elliptical to MMA to boxing.

So whether punching or running you can tone your arms as you go. Priced at $19 these gloves are so solid. If you need a cross functional glove that never quits, this is for you. All around, a superiorly executed piece of equipment.