Everything You Need To Know About Weighted Gloves

Cardio alone has great health benefits. It helps you stay slim and is the best way to exercise your heart. However, studies show that adding strength training to your routine can be excellent for you. Now this doesn’t mean you have to begin a serious weightlifting regimen. It requires adding a little resistance to your cardio routine. If you enjoy doing activities like zumba, boxing/kickboxing, or even using the elliptical, running or walking, you could see increased results from wearing weighted gloves.

How Do Gloves Help?

Adding a bit of weight to your exercise adds difficulty and trains your muscles. Your muscles are working harder with every movement. For boxers/kickboxers, it helps strengthen the shoulders, core, and forearms. When the gloves are removed you can feel that extra zip on each punch. For runners and walkers, gloves can be a replacement for awkwardly carrying dumbbells. Adding weight is beneficial for almost every exercise with repetitive motion. If you feel like you’re looking for something more in your normal routine, adding weight can be the answer that brings results.

By wearing gloves you are adding strength and toning your muscles without thinking about it. Sure your workout will be harder, but that's the point. You will feel the difference. Best of all wearing weighted gloves does not put undue stress on your joints. They are designed to mimic the body, unlike dumbbells. They will be more comfortable while providing the same benefits. So if you’re looking to tone and train at the same time here are some great options

Choosing The Best Weighted Gloves

It all depends on your exercise of choice. For boxers, kickboxers, and MMA trainees it's important to keep the weight light at first to reduce stress of the shoulder. Punching is a violent movement, best not to increase the stress too much until you know you can handle it. A tight fit and even weight distribution are also 100% essential for muscle health. For walking, running and general cardio you can add more weight.

Another sport where weighted gloves can help is basketball. An open palmed glove can allow you to shoot with extra resistance. When you take them off you’ll be surprised at your improved shoulder, and wrist strength. This will make getting those long 3’s off so much easier during big games. There’s a right glove for everyone and you just need to know where to look

Everlast EverGel

Anyone familiar with boxing equipment surely knows Everlast. They are known as one of the leaders in the field, and this design is no different. With a slim design these weighted hand wraps are perfect for someone looking for a dual purpose glove. The one pound gel pack weight is removable, meaning you no longer need a heavy pair and a normal pair. You can go from kickboxing class to actually hitting the bag in a matter of seconds.

At $33 dollars a pair you are paying for convenience, versatility, and the Everlast name. With 120 day warranty and reputation for quality and satisfaction, it’s worth the investment. (Disclaimer: Most Customers say the gloves can feel a bit tight with the weight pack inserted, so be sure to order a size up).


The neoprene option from Prosource is one of the most minimal on the market. With an open palm design, and a two finger loop, these gloves are good for a very wide range of activities. They are especially good for basketball players looking to add resistance to that jump shot. The spartan design means you won’t have to alter your form to add power to your game.

Coming in at $20 and carrying a lifetime warranty, Prosource weighted gloves are a perfect choice for anyone looking to use them across different disciplines. The flexible and comfortable neoprene makes it so you can wear them the whole workout or practice.


As the name would suggest these gloves are engineered with MMA in mind. Mixed martial Arts based workouts are an amazing way to get in shape, even if you never want to take a punch. They are perfect for soft punching bag practice, shadow boxing and general training but not meant for sparring. UFC weighted gloves offer sturdy construction and individual finger loops for full dexterity during wrestling, jiu jitsu, and grappling sessions.

Just $15, UFC offers one of the best values around. The sturdy construction and soft neoprene will help you take your training to the next level. Not into MMA, no problem! They are perfect for your boxing workouts, or kickboxing class as well.

Meister Elite

Meister Elite Weighted Workout Gloves are designed with comfort and durability in mind. One look at them and you will see the superior quality. Pliable iron sand weighting and supple neoprene combine to make a glove that form fits to your hand. During those tough workouts you will feel the difference. Furthermore, the extended wrist strap makes for a snug fit that won’t slide and scratch, and the finger loops are designed for easy extraction. That’s easier said than done after a sweaty session.

The $25 price tag makes these a bit more of a premium product, but you will feel the difference once you put them on, and keep feeling it time after time. Plus, based on pure aesthetics, they are one of the best looking gloves on the market.


Title Weighted Gloves are unique in their variety of options. Coming in 1,2, and 3 pound pairs makes them perfect for athletes of all levels. From the casual walker to the hardcore boxer, everyone can find a weight that fits their needs and their hands. The open palm design makes them perfect for basketball as well. Title offers a no frills mentality that delivers only what’s promised.

These gloves are the ultimate choice for someone who wants performance without the pomp. The price ranges from $19-$25 based on your selected weight. Don’t be afraid to start at the lowest level and upgrade your workouts as you go.


Empower Women’s Weighted Fitness Gloves are one of the few options specifically engineered with women in mind. The open-palm and even weight distribution make them perfect for running and walking. The sturdy construction and tight fit lets you work with confidence during that Zumba, kickboxing, or crossfit session.

Finding female centric weightlifting products can be difficult, but this one stands out above the rest. There’s no substitute for wearing something designed for your anatomy. With a 4.4 rating on amazon, (one of the highest in the segment) the results speak for themselves. The $20 cost is more than reasonable for anyone of any fitness level.


As the name would suggest, these gloves are designed specifically for kickboxing. If you’re looking to make your kickboxing classes or workouts a little bit more difficult, these are the ideal option. Weighing in at 1.75 pounds per pair they are a bit lighter than most standard gloves. This is perfect for adding weight to those crosses and jabs without hurting your shoulders and joints.

With an extremely centered weight profile, your natural motions and ergonomics will stay consistent throughout your workout. While kickboxing is the main focus, these can be a good fit for someone looking for a lighter glove for walks and runs. The Combat gloves are also offered in multiple colors and women’s sizes to make sure they fit your body and style. For only $18, you can be well on your way to taking that kickboxing workout up a notch.


Nayoya has created an amazingly comfortable and versatile product good for a variety of exercises. The sturdy wrist and palm straps make for a comfortable fit. The evenly spread weight allows for perfect punches. The 2 pound weight makes it easy to take out on that evening run, or nightly walk. With a 4.6 rating on Amazon, it is extremely well regarded. It is hard to find a flaw with these weighted gloves. While not the flashiest, these just perform and perform well from the elliptical to MMA to boxing.

So whether punching or running you can tone your arms as you go. Priced at $19 these gloves are so solid. If you need a cross functional glove that never quits, this is for you. All around, a superiorly executed piece of equipment.

Wrist Weights for Tremors

Wrist weights for tremors
Wrist weights for tremors

The benefits of wearing wrist weights for tremors are wide ranging. They add resistance to your normal routine and help enhance small muscle groups that are otherwise hard to target. For most, this is just a luxury or supplement to their normal fitness regiment. However, wearing light weights is scientifically proven to aid certain muscular disorders, specifically with helping manage the effects of debilitating or irritating muscle tremors.

What are Tremors?

Tremors are involuntary muscle movements caused by a neurological or metabolic disorder.These conditions include Parkinson's Disease, ALS, blood toxicity, and alcohol or drug withdrawal. With over 10 million people in the United States alone are suffering from tremors, it is a fairly common health issue. Often viewed erroneously as a physical manifestation of psychological trauma, treatment methods have varied wildly over the past decades. Tremors usually begin in the hands and feet, making this the first front of maintaining and controlling their spread. Recent research has shown wrist weights can be of use to many sufferers.

The Science

Studies have stated that wearing wrist weights during normal activities can reduce the ability of the muscles to fire involuntarily. By keeping pressure on the muscles, the tremor is “dampened” or the severity is reduced to subconscious levels. For example, think of the arm muscles as a wire. When a wire is taut you can pull it very hard and it will vibrate very quickly but not with a wide range of motion. However, if a wire is slack the movement (up and down) is much more visible and the frequency much slower. For this reason, wearing weights on your hands can reduce the negative effects of tremors that travel at a certain rate and be totally inept against others. Weighing down limbs will never “cure” the tremors only reduce the vibration in the muscle making them harder to feel. This can still be a huge help to many.

The Positives

Unlike other treatments like medication, weights can be taken on and off as needed. For example, weights can be worn while eating, writing a letter, or typing an email. Weights can be used any time tremors can be extremely frustrating or dangerous. Imagine how difficult using utensils or typing a message can be with constant muscle spasms. This is not a guaranteed solution but it can help during certain activities. Furthermore, using weights does not interfere with other therapies. There are no risks of conflicting with medication and they can be removed during physical therapy treatments. In certain cases, strengthening muscles can reduce the stress of tremors. Wearing weights could be considered a tiny workout that can be useful.

The Negatives

Weights will only help with certain types of tremors, and can prove detrimental to others. It depends on the severity, frequency, and type of disorder. Wearing hand weights can be a godsend for some, and be completely ineffective or actively harmful for others. The only way to find out is to speak with your physician. This is an absolute MUST before embarking on a weight program. If they say it won’t help, please do not try it on your own as it could increase the severity and frequency of certain conditions. Also, there is a tendency for the tremors to subside when wearing the weights, but return with increased discomfort when removed. Due to this phenomenon it’s extremely important to discuss a schedule with your physician.

Weights are not a cure for tremors but a way to help people function better when they need it most. Wearing them for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to therapy or harmful to your muscular health. On a purely physical plane, don’t forget they can become tiring, difficult, and uncomfortable to wear daily. Also, with some health issues strength training is prohibited outside very controlled exercises. Wearing weights can be an intense workout. Lastly, people using weights may feel they have improved to the point where medication is no longer necessary. All prescribed medication must be used in conjunction with an approved weight schedule, regardless of any side effects.


Weights on your wrists have been proven to be an effective treatment for certain types of tremors that operate at a certain frequency. They can help you maintain muscle control for certain everyday activities that are impossible or extremely frustrating with constant muscle action. They can reduce the pain and severity of tremors for short periods of time. Hand weights are, however, not a cure for tremors. Weighing your muscles can have certain side effects in terms of recurrence when they are removed. They are best utilized in conjunction with a thoroughly engineered schedule, medication, and any other relevant physical therapies. While appearing harmless, (possibly even initially helpful) no one with tremors should begin, or continue, wearing weights without the expressed recommendation of a doctor (and in absolutely no circumstance against a doctor’s wishes). It’s best to consider weights for tremors as another form of medication. While it is natural to self-medicate in a tough situation, the side-effects can make it worse.

How You Can Help

If someone you know suffers from arm/hand tremors, recommend they ask their doctor about whether wearing weights will improve their quality of life. If the answer is yes, make sure to follow doctor recommendations of suggested weight, duration of the treatment, and inform them immediately if you feel your condition is deteriorating in any way. There are many options for weights so make sure you find the one that is most comfortable for you.

Wearing A Weighted Vest All Day – Good or Bad?

wearing a weighted vest all day

A common question we get asked is: Can I wear a weighted vest all day long? 

The answer to that is both yes and no. It all comes down to how fit you are and if you've used a weighted vest before. If you're just starting out with weighted training, it's very important to take it easy for a while. The benefits of wearing a weight vest all day are:

  • More burnt calories
  • Stronger bones
  • Muscular development 
wearing a weighted vest all day

Generally speaking, it is safe to wear vest all day long, but that's assuming you're taking it easy and increasing difficulty in small increments. If you do it improper, it will end badly for your joints, bones and muscles.

Take it easy and steady

While your muscle enjoy a good ol' shock once in a while, your joints do not. If you weigh 100 pounds and suddenly decide to wear a 70 pound vest for several hours, your body will have no time to adapt. People who train this way are very likely to become injured in one way or another. And let me tell you, fixing joint problems is not an easy thing to do.

But if you're smart and decide to take it slow, your body will gain huge benefits from wearing a weighted vest all day. When you first start out​ it's better to start a very low weight, 5% of your total body weight is what we recommend. 

There's also nothing that says you need to have the vest on for a full day. Start with half-days if you feel like that's a better progression. Now depending on your goal, you could either try wearing the vest for a full day, or keep doing half-days but with added weight.

Get yourself a vest that is comfortable

There are literally hundreds of different vests out there, but only a few are comfortable enough to wear all day long. It's important that you get yourself a vest that has a good fit but is also padded around the shoulders and neck. A common problem people get while wearing a vest all day is becoming sore in their neck and shoulders due to a bad and uncomfortable fit. ​

Not only is a comfortable vest is important, but what you're wearing on feet is actually quite important too. If you're a beginner we highly recommend that you use shoes with plenty of padding, if you can use shoes with ankle supports that's even better. If you skimp out on the shoes you can develop plantar fasciitis, also known as heel pain.

Wear it all day, but do it with caution

So while wearing a weight vest all day is not bad, you have to take precautions to prevent yourself from getting injured. If you do it correctly there's plenty of benefits, you'll grow stronger, get a leaner body and also improve your stamina. Don't be discouraged if you feel tired and sore after the first day, even with low weights. This is completely normal and is actually a good sign, the following days you body will become less and less sore as it gets used to the weight. 

It's also a good idea to see a doctor, just to make sure you won't have any problems with the vest on for several hours.​

Best Weighted Vests For Running 2018

weighted vests for running

best weighted vest for running

If you’re a long distance runner or sprinter, I’m pretty sure you’ve wondered if you can become any faster. Well I’m here with some good news, the answer is yes. In this article I’ll cover the best weighted vest for running in 2018 but also the benefits of using them.

Using a weight vest for running and training will not only improve your endurance but also your speed. It’s ideal for runners wanting to improve their explosiveness and get those world record speeds. Are you ready to change your life?

Weight vests for running come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Since you’ll be wearing the vest for longer periods of time, it’s important that you get yourself something that sits good. While it’s possible to use any vest, there are specific models designed for running in mind. But before we get into all that, let’s take a look at the benefits and if there are downsides.

The best weight vests for running

As stated above, practically any weighted vest can be used for running, but if you want maximum comfortability and performance, it’s recommended to get something specifically made for running. Down below you will find our favorite running weight vests.

Hyperwear Hyper Vest

Hyperwear Vest Pro

This is one of our favorite vests, make sure to check out our Hyper Vest Pro review, in case you’re interested in something more in-depth. The Hyperwear is quite expensive, but also what most people would consider as the best weighted vest for running. 

It’s made from flexible fabric which is odor resistant and also keeps you cool during hot summer workout sessions. The sides are open for even more ventilation. Thanks to the stretchy fabric and slim profile you get full range of motion, it doesn’t feel like it restricts your breathing either.

The biggest downside is the lack of included weights, 10lbs is not a lot, even for small person. You could buy additional weights, but the only extra weight pack gives you a mere 5 lbs increase. In total this vest will be able to hold 15 pounds. It’s ideal for long distance runners, but if you’re a sprinter you might want to look for something heavier.

IronWear Speed

Green weight vest

The IronWear Speed vest is not as popular as the Hyperwear one, but still offers a great workout for runners and athletes. It’s made specifically for running sports, like track and field, soccer, football and baseball. Also check out or IronWear Speed vest review.

It’s made from a breathable polyester mesh material which allows cool air flow through vest. The mesh materials makes it resistant to liquids as well, it’s even possible to take it for a swim. It’s fully padded and has large open gaps for your arms, allowing for full range of motion.

This weighted running vest comes in two versions, short and long. The shorter version weights 10 pounds while the longer one weighs about 17 pounds. Sadly it’s not possible to add any more weights.

Cross 101

cross 101 weighted vest

Cross 101 is a “cooler” running weight vest, with a cool paint job and plenty of slots for weights. It has a similar shape to the IronWear but is not as breathable. The best about the Cross 101 is its price, being the cheapest of all three. We also have a Cross101 Weighted Vest review if you want to know more.

While it’s not a completely true running vest​, it offers full range of motion and has the ability to hold a lot more weight, 40 pounds to be exact. It comes with ten 4lbs iron weights, so you can easily adjust the weight for your level.

This vest is a one size fits all, it should be comfortable for almost everyone as long as your adjust it properly. But even with it adjusted properly the vest can still rub against your skin when your run, so keep that in mind.


HumanX Weighted Vest

As you probably noticed by now,  the vests on this list are a little different than the “average” vest. Because these are weight training vests for running, they are all slimmer and less heavy. That is especially the case for the HumanX vest. It has a nice tight fit, but not so tight that you cannot breath. It feels good on the body when you run, it doesn’t jump around at all. Even big guys will have an easy time running and jumping with the vest without feeling like they’re being squeezed to death.

It’s possible to adjust the weight from 1 up 20 pounds, which makes it a great introductory weighted running vest. There’s plenty of room for progress in other words! The weights are developed using a patented technology that allows them to go along with the shape of your body. A lot of the cheaper vests out there have “static” weights which usually press into your body if you’re doing mobility exercises.

Does this running vest sound something you’d like to try? Make sure to read our in-depth HumanX weight vest review for more info.

Perfect Fitness

This weighted running vest might not look like much to the world, but it’s actually a decent vest that does the job without being compromises. It comes with twenty individual weights, making it possible to vary the weight from 1 lb up to 20 lb. So this one is also a great choice if you’re just starting out with weighted vest cardio. The weights themselves are flexible which allows for maximum comfort while still giving you plenty of resistance. As if that wasn’t enough comfort, they’ve padded the shoulders and made the fabric breathable.

Some users have however reported that the vest does bounce a little while running but I can almost guarantee this is due to user error. I mean, it’s not really rocket science. Just make sure to tighten it enough and you should be fine.

Don’t forget to check out our review of this vest!

The benefits with a weighted vest for running

Obviously there are huge benefits to running with weights, otherwise there wouldn’t be as many products out there. There are three major benefits to wearing a weighted vest when running:

  • Improved cardio
  • Faster Speeds
  • Improved skeletal structure

If you want to know more about the effects a weighted running vest has on the body, we can highly recommend taking a closer look at this journal. It’s a scientific study that goes in depth, if you have the time you should definitely read it.

Running with the vest on will be a real burden, both for you body and your mind. But this is what you want, the body builds strength to hold all that extra weight, when you take the vest off you’re suddenly stronger than before. I have personally been running for a very long time but it wasn’t up until recently that I discovered the true benefits of jogging with a weight vest. The cool thing about this whole method of training is that you don’t need a lot of weight to notice the results, as little as 10 pounds will challenge you greatly.

The cardiovascular benefits

A person weighing 300 lbs will have a much harder time when it comes to running, it’s because they weigh more. That extra weight puts more pressure on your cardiovascular system, meaning you have to push yourself harder than to ever to go the same distance as your normally do. Now sadly overweight people can’t just take those extra pounds off after their workout, we can however. You could say you’re tricking the body in a way and thus developing your breathing and oxygen intake.

Increases your running speed

Because of the additional weight, your muscles will have to work twice as hard to perform the same movements as before. But just doing a normal run with the vest on will not give any major benefits to your speed. To become faster you need to do sprints with the vest, getting that speed is all about being as explosive as possible.

Denser bones

Having all that extra load on your body makes your bones thicker, which is great for preventing any potential injuries. The extra weight stimulates your osteoblasts cells, the response from these cells is to create new bone material in order to support the load on your body.

How to choose the right weighted vest for running

With hundreds of different weighted vests for jogging it can be tough to choose the right vest for you. Down below you’ll find three key things to look for.


While most vests these days come in a fit that fits almost everyone, there are of course models that offer a better fit for different body types. If you’re a woman with large breasts a traditional running vest can be quite cumbersome to wear, if that’s the case we recommend buying a model that is “open”. 

Some models can also only be put on over the head while other models can be taken on like a regular jacket, over the shoulders. Make sure to check for all these things when you a buy a weighted running vest.


Obviously the most important part, without any weights you will not be getting any resistance. But how much resistance should you aim for? Well that is mostly up to you, but if you’re looking for advice I’d suggest to stick with 20 lb vests if you’re doing long distance running. While it might not be the heaviest, it does offer plenty of resistance and doesn’t destroy your joints. Running for longer periods of time with too much weight can cause long term damage, keep that in mind.

If you’re more of a sprinter and looking to boost your explosiveness you can of course go with a heavier vest. One thing to keep in mind is that the heavier you go, the bulkier and less comfortable the vest will be. There are slim and flexible running vests up to 40 pounds, after that you’re looking at much stiffer models which are not at all suited for running, sprinting or jogging.


Another very important aspect when it comes to weight jackets for running, if you’re not comfortable while running chances are you will get demotivated quickly and ditch the weight harness after a couple of training sessions. Luckily for you we’ve only included running harnesses that we know are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. If you decide to choose with something we haven’t recommend, make sure to read reviews to see if people find it comfortable to wear. Very often you’ll find that the seams will dig into your skin and cause a rash, can you imagine getting a rash 10 miles into your run?

Things to keep in mind

Like always, if there are benefits there are drawbacks. While most of these drawbacks can be avoided by being careful, it’s still worth taking a look at potential problems, especially if you’re a beginner.

Too much load will alter your running style

One thing to avoid is to use too much weight, running with a weight vest that is too heavy will have negative effects on your running style. You’ll find yourself having a lower and shorter stride, and even though you’re in a better physical form before, you won’t notice any difference in speed or distance.

Potential stress on your joints

This doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s worth keeping mind that a weighted vest for running might cause unnecessary stress on your joints and ligaments. To prevent this it’s recommended to start slowly, don’t put on all the weights at once, instead increase the weight in small increments. A good starting point is 5% of your body weight. If you feel discomfort in knees or other joints after a workout session, you should decrease the amount of weight or just not use the vest at all.

Running with weights – Do it right

You might think it’s as easy as putting on the weighted running vest and go for a jog, but in reality there are several things you have to keep in mind.. If you want to stay injury free that is. Down below we have linked a great video that explains how to do it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I wear vests for activities other than running or jogging?
Answer: Of course, other uses include hiking, walking, calisthenics and much more. Some even use these kinds of vests for children with autism.

Question: Why should I use a weight vest for running?
Answer: To increase stamina, build thicker bones, grow bigger, become more explosive and so on. If you want to progress to the next level, definitely go with a running vest.

Question: Do these vests come in different sizes?
Answer: Generally speaking most weighted harnesses for running come in one size. Luckily the majority have a strap which makes it easy to adjust the fit. There are also some vests made specifically for women.

Question: What’s a good starting weight?
Answer: This depends on your current fitness level. If you’re an avid runner that can easily run 10 miles without any troubles, you can go for something heavier. If you’re just starting out however, you will do just fine with something light. Most beginners do not even need a vest when they’re first starting out.

Question: Why are the so darn expensive?
Answer: Considering what you’re getting for the price, most of the weighted running vests are actually decently priced. I don’t recommend skimping on quality just to get something cheaper. A cheap weighted vest for running might save you some money, but you will quickly realize that it’s not comfortable and that the seam will start to fray very quickly.

Question: Can’t I just use any type of vest for running?
Answer: Yes, you can. But I have to stress that weight jackets that are made specifically made for running exist for a reason.

Ankle Weights: A Guide 2017

Working out can be hard. However, once you get into your daily, weekly, monthly routine, you will find things becoming a bit easier. If you’re already at your fitness goals, keeping your regime intact will help you maintain your success. However, if you want to push your level even further, you have no choice but to add difficulty. This includes mixing in different exercises, routines, or classes and also continually increasing resistance. For weight training, that means adding more weight. For runners/joggers/walkers/cyclists, setting lower target times, taking longer routes, and choosing more challenging inclines can help. This strategy is built into many exercise routines like crossfit. So how do you keep the challenge without totally changing what you like to do? For many the answer can be wearing ankle weights.

How Do They Work?

Wearing ankle weights can add resistance to almost every movement. Wearing light weights while walking will make your normal lap feel new again. By targeting just the muscles being used in the exercise, wearable weights don’t overstress joints and ligaments. Putting small weights in your routine will test tiny muscle groups that are often neglected by targeted weight lifting and athletic exercise. Larger muscles like your quads and calves will reach out to smaller stabilizer muscles for help with the extra weight. Different muscles will be affected by various movements. For example, wearing weights during pull-ups will help tone and strengthen your core and shoulders.

In general, extra resistance is a great way to keep seeing improved results. When the weights are removed the activity will seem so much easier. For basketball players looking to increase vertical leap, doing box jumps with ankle weights will making dunking that much easier. Likewise, wearing weights during cycling runs will give you the edge for that next race. For the casual person who’s not seeing the same returns on their walks or jogs, weights can bring that sweet soreness back. Overall, ankle weights can help almost everyone reach their goals.

The Best Ankle Weights

Not all weights are created equal. There is a correct choice for every person based on preferred form of exercise. Below is a list of the best products for a wide variety of athletic endeavors:

Champion Sports

Sometimes the flashy choice isn’t the best one. Champion Sports weights will not impress anyone, in fact many people may not even notice them. The black soft neoprene is understated, but gets the job done. The non-slip design will make sure there’s no additional friction on your run or walk. The 2 pound pair is perfect for runners or joggers to get a little more out of their nightly jaunt. However, Champion also provides 5 and 10 pound options to ensure everyone’s needs are covered. Serious lifters and those wanting to augment their body weight exercises will adore the heavier options.

It’s important to start with something you can handle and work your way up. With prices ranging from $11-$32 based on weight, price is certainly not a barrier. If you’re looking to try out ankle weights and want a basic option that does the job, look no further

CAP Barbell

CAP Barbell offers one of the most versatile options useful for people of all fitness levels. The 10 pound pair can sound intimidating to beginners, however, CAP’s setup is divided with removable weights that slide securely into pockets. This means one product for all your needs. Remove weight before that run, or fill it up right before heading to that lifting session. The velcro strap provides a bit easier fit that the traditional d-ring but can wear out after a long period.

Furthermore, the ability to adjust the weight comes with a cost, the weights are naturally a bit more bulky and uncomfortable. By virtue of centering the weight into certain pockets the fit will not be as nice as an evenly distributed pre-determined set up. At $20 per pair, CAP offers excellent value. It’s possible this will be the only set of ankle weights you need to buy. Perfect for people who have a variety of needs, these weights will adapt to your routine as you desire.

Healthy Model Life

Healthy Model Life has designed its weights with women in mind. Specifically calling them “cuffs” allows you to imagine the fit. The extremely tight wraps concentrate the weight perfectly where it needs to be. This is spectacular for running and other higher movement exercises like pilates. The 2 pound pair is great for women who are tired of not seeing the same tone from their daily lunchtime walks, or nightly gym sessions. Wearing these weights will introduce strength training to cardio based routines.

This has been proven to have excellent metabolic and skeletal impact especially as we age. Why not work your muscles and your lungs at the same time? Priced at $22.45 you are paying a bit extra for comfort and security. As a woman having a product ergonomically designed for you can be worth the premium.

Nordic Lifting

Nordic Lifting has designed these weights with runners in mind. The D-ring plus velcro design is meant to keep the weight in place so you don’t have to stop your rhythm. Runners are creatures of habit and the slightest discomfort can take your mind off the mission at hand. The even weight distribution will take the stress of joints and make sure your stride stays unchanged. Other bulky weights can put you at risk of injury as your body adjusts.

Furthermore, the weights are designed with bright reflective trim that ensures those early morning and late night drivers see you on the road. Coming in 2, 4, and 6 pound varieties, Nordic has everyone covered, from the casual walker, to the marathon trainee. You can find your ideal resistance. Starting from $19 and topping out at $25, Nordic put in the features runners deserve. Don’t screw around with your gait, make the right choice for your safety and security.


oFitness has put a lot of research into their design, and it shows. The purple sweat resistant neoprene is wonderful for those that wanted to add a little pizazz along with the weight. Engineered to fit underneath the ankle, this is one of the most comfortable pairs on the market. Designed for those core centered workouts, and bodyweight exercises, like planks, lunges, and extensions. These ankle weights could be the ticket to finally getting that six-pack you’ve always wanted. Also featuring reflective trim, runners will be delighted as well. The soft terry inside will make sure that scuffs and scrapes are a thing of the past.

The supple material also helps wick away sweat, meaning the stench and sogginess will be gone as well. The 6 pound combined weight is perfect for the average person, but could be a bit of a heavy beginning for true novices. At $19 dollars they offer features of the more expensive brands. The lack of other weight classes may leave people looking for more versatile options. The 90-day no questions asked warranty is a nice touch. Give them a try, if they are too heavy or too light, send them back. Chances are you’ll fit right in the goldilocks zone, and fully enjoy oFitness’ focus on technology.


Valeo has created an excellent offering for the segment. These ankle weights are arguably the most useful on the market. The pair’s adjustable weights is widely variable making them a great choice for beginners looking to improve and those who enjoy different types of exercise. Valeo weights are quickly adapted between 4-20 pounds. This spectrum allows for a huge range of uses.

While they too are a bit bulky, the double D-ring design makes sure they won’t shimmy and slide. At peak weight, these are great for serious lifters. At 4 pounds they are made for runners, and cyclists. The variability is the main feature. The self closing weight pockets make certain that adapting the resistance to your routine is a true breeze. Valeo makes the perfect set for crossfitters, kickboxers, and heavy lifters. With a $29 price tag, you are paying for this adaptability. However, that likely means you will never have to buy another set again. Going with Valeo guarantees months of continued progress and the ability to match your difficulty with a changing regimen

All Pro

All Pro provides equipment for the super serious enthusiast. This 20 pound weight is NOT sold in pairs. Each item is sold separately . If you purchase a pair the total cost is $110 and you’ll be carrying a whopping 40 pounds total on your ankles. While the solid iron interior weights are removable, the selling point of All Pro is the sheer mass. They offer double the weight of their nearest competitor.

These are not for the faint of heart, or the truly frugal. The dual ankle and achilles pads are absolutely necessary for this level of pressure. If you’re looking to get truly serious about augmenting your body weight, All Pro is the only way to go. If you find bodyweight exercises extremely easy, and core work a breeze, this choice could make you feel brand new. The shear size and bulk makes them a bit too stressful for running or long walks. Serious weight lifters only.

Last couple words regarding weighted anklets

​Adding ankle weights is an easy way to help you push over that fitness plateau. However, it’s extremely important to pick the right weight for your desired results. Light weight is best for adding a strength element to vigorous cardio. They are especially useful in augmenting cardio classes like Zumba, Kickboxing, and pilates. For sports practice and more serious training, like competitive running and biking, a medium weight can be applied to give you the edge of the competition.

When the weights come off, you’ll be surprised how much easier it feels. It’s meant to help strengthen the small stabilizer muscles often neglected by standard practice, and training. Medium weights are also perfect for core exercise sessions and people looking to take their lifting sessions up a notch. Heavy weights should only be used by seriously committed people. It may even be wise to consult a trainer before adding heavy weights to your rotation. These weights can alter your gait and put stress on joints and ligaments during rapid movements so they are best limited to semi-stationary exercise and good form is essential. Don’t jump straight in the deep end of you don’t know how to swim. Take a few laps in the shallow end to see if wearing weights is right for you. Whether you’re looking for a little tone up, to train harder, or interested in finding your true limits, ankle weights can help.

The Best Wrist Weights 2017

Working out is difficult. There’s no two ways about it. What keeps everyone in the gym? Seeing progress and feeling stronger are addictive. There is no better feeling than when hard work pays off. As you continue to workout finding these results becomes harder and harder. Our bodies get used to training and our favorite exercises. One way to keep from plateauing is to add resistance. That means increasing the weight used during the exercise. Sometimes, this can be difficult. For example, when doing body weight exercises (push ups, pull-ups, planks), or cardio (running, jogging, biking, etc.) it is tough to add weight safely.

One option is to add a weighted vest to your routine, but they are generally for very committed lifters and athletes. So how can you spice up your workout schedule without adding too much stress? The answer could be wrist weights.

What Are Wrist Weights?

Wrist Weights are small – usually less than 5 pounds per pair – heavy wraps worn around the wrists to mildly increase the intensity of most exercises. They are best used for runners, walkers, and joggers to add a small element of strength training to cardio workouts. However, they can be utilized in a variety of ways including augmenting the resistance of body weight exercises, general weightlifting or for cross training/crossfit.

The added weight may not seem like much, but at the end of the workout you will feel the proverbial burn. The weights will work muscles in your arms you never knew you had. The muscles worked will differ depending on the exercise you are doing. Meaning, adding hand weights to your regimen can pay dividends across a myriad of exercises. Wearing them during sports practice will help you perform at a higher level during actual competition. These weights will activate the muscles you need to perform to a new level without unduly stressing the rest of your body. So if you’re looking to add a little bite to your workout here are some the best wrist weights on the market…

Yes4All Comfort

Yes4All offers some of the most versatile options in the category. With 5 variations ranging from 1-5 pounds per pair, finding the resistance you need is extremely easy. Excellent for casual runners, joggers, and walkers these weights can fit your needs regardless of level. The one pound option can be perfect for aqua aerobics, senior citizens, or for use during physical therapy (make sure to ask your therapist first).

Yes4All Comfort weights are best used during light exercise and casual home workouts. The neoprene fabric and double stitching ensure durability. The rugged Velcro strap ensures a snug fit that won’t move during light workouts. Ranging from $11- $17.50 Yes4All has some of the most affordable choices available, perfect for those who want to see if they can handle the extra weight.

Nordic Lifting

Nordic Lifting has one of the best reviewed wrist weights in the segment. With a perfect 5-star rating and a 1-year warranty, Nordic has put customer satisfaction at the forefront of their mission. The 3 pound weight is squarely in the middle of the spectrum, making them an easy choice for those unsure where to begin. If that seems too much, they also offer one and two pound options.

One of the best features is the reflective trim that will endear these weights to fans of late night runs or early morning strolls. This coupled with the sturdy D-ring design and giant velcro pad makes Nordic the best choice for runners. It’s safe to say they have truly thought outside the box and included features above and beyond the basic wrist weight. Throw in the free carrying bag and you have one of the best values on the market. Fully adjustable these weights are great for women and men alike. Coming in at just under $23 Nordic proves that the old adage “you get what you pay for” is true in this case.

Da Vinci

Da Vinci has created a wrist weight for everyone from the extremely serious to the complete novice, with weights ranging from 2-10 pounds. The design is quite simple but super effective. The sand weights allow for a snug fit. However, unlike the other products mentioned above the Da Vinci weights are worn with an open section at the bottom. This uneven distribution of weight is fine for low motion exercises like weightlifting or biking, but not for high impact activities like running or sports practice.

The supple interior liner does give a superior level of comfort and moisture wicking. This ensures that sweat stains, and bad odors are not going to interrupt your routine. Overall, at $23 for 10 pound total weight Da Vinci offers a superb value with a few flaws. These wrist weights are some of the best for some exercises, but the product above is superior for runners and sports enthusiasts.


Valeo has come in at the extreme high end of the spectrum. One of the only companies to offer a 20 pound pair, Valeo has a product for the serious heavy lifter looking for plateau busting performance of a different caliber. These weights also has the added benefit of a customizable weight setup. That means you can add or remove weight based on what you’re doing that day. That makes the Valeo a very versatile choice, add weight for a day at the gym or take some out for that morning run. Double D-rings ensure a tight fit even with the 20 pound version.

If that seems like too much of a challenge, they offer 5 and 10 pound options as well. Valeo has created a supreme choice for very serious athletes. You won’t find a better fit while supporting that much weight.

So if you think you’re ready to jump straight into the deep end, Valeo wrist weights are the best option. With a 4.5 star rating, some customers complain of a cumbersome design, but it’s hard to not be ungainly when attaching 10 pounds to each arm. With the price tag of $15, $25 and $50 respectively the 5, 10, and 20 pound options are for those looking for a serious fitness edge.

SPRI Thumblock

The SPRI Thumblock comes with an innovative design that wraps around the thumb to create an unshakeable fit capable of withstanding the most intense workouts. These weights are the most versatile choices for intense weightlifting and crossfit. Furthermore, the thumblock design makes them indispensable for runners and great for various sports like tennis and baseball. The tight, even fit makes sure adding resistance to your practice sessions won’t put unnecessary pressure on your other muscles. So feel free to work on you swings with added weight without worry.

While most other products are marketed as both wrist and ankle weights, the SPRI Thumblock is ergonomically designed with the wrist in mind. That means no slipping, no sliding, no movement, just exactly what you need for those long runs and intense sessions where focus must be maintained.

With only 2 or 4 pound options, these weights are a bit on the lighter side. Starting at $18 they are not one of the cheapest choices either. You are paying for an amazing design and the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to take a break midway to make adjustments.

So, are they good or bad?

Adding weight to your wrists has its pros and cons. Adding a little resistance to intense exercise can result in increased strength, stamina, and core stability. Although, too much weight across a large range of motion can be detrimental to joints and ligaments. So if you’re looking for added challenge while running/walking or increased resistance for sports motions (tennis swing, throwing, crossfit) best to keep the weight light, it will be enough of a challenge. If not, it’s always possible to move up later. Heavy wrist weights are best reserved for more static exercises.

Serious weights can greatly improve stabilizing muscles for body weight movements, or controlled lifts. It’s always better to err on the light side. Adding too much weight to one joint can be dangerous and difficult. There is no reason to overstress as even the smallest denomination of weight will prove to be a challenge at first. Whether you are recovering from an injury, looking to add a bit of difficulty to your tired routine, or a serious lifter looking for that next huge jump, wrist weights can help you get there.

A Guide To Weighted Arm Sleeves

arm sleeve weights

All sports are about bettering yourself and beating the competition. Pushing yourself to the limit gets harder and harder as your body adjusts to different activities. So how do you break out of your routine and get that extra edge on your opponents? The answer is resistance. Adding a little extra resistance while training makes it that much easier when the bright lights come on. That’s where weighted arm sleeves come in. Perfect for baseball, tennis and boxing, studies have shown that wearable weights can add power to your home run swing, tennis stroke, or left jab. Essentially any sport that requires use of the arms can be improved by wearing arm sleeves.

Usually ranging from 1-3 LBs, buying arm sleeves will be one the best decisions you can make to take your athletic performance to the next level.

How do they work?

Wearing heavy weighted arm sleeves during practice and training allows you to strengthen accelerator and decelerator muscles unconsciously. For example, wearing arm sleeves with weights on them for baseball makes throwing and swinging a bat a bit more difficult. Doing these repetitive actions with increased resistance allows you to build the muscles you need to succeed. When you remove the weights you will feel the difference. Increased bat speed, and more zip on your throws across the diamond. All with no extra conscious effort.

Weighted arm sleeves are not just good for baseball. They can help with any sport of with repetitive arm motions. That means if you want a little more snap on your backhand, or to add some distance to your golf shots, sleeves can help. Best of all, when your muscles adjust to the new resistance, many arm sleeves have the option to add more weight. Make plateaus a thing of the past. It’s perfectly safe and a great way to train specifically for your sport of choice.

Buying Weighted Arm Sleeves

The logical next step is deciding which weighted arm sleeves will help you achieve your athletic goals. It’s a growing market but there are a few great options:

SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights

spri perfect fit arm weights

The first is the SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights. Weighing in at one pound each (with an optional .5LB insert that can take it 1.5LB) these are perfect for adding an extra challenge to your daily run. Worn around the wrist and with 2 adjustable straps, these sleeves are truly one size fits all and provide a safe and secure fit for any activity. The slim profile allows them to be worn under clothes for stealthy improvements while at work or at home.

The lightweight, and porous nylon fabric will make sure you’re not washing them after every workout. Excellent for improving your wrist action for sports like tennis, racquetball, squash or handball, these weighted arm sleeves will give you the extra hand speed you’ve been craving.

Wearing these on your daily walk/jog/run can snap you out of your routine and give you a new challenge. Simple but effective, SPRI Perfect FIt Arm Sleeves are wonderful choice for mixing up your regimen. At just over $20 for the pair, SPRI weighted arm sleeves are the ideal choice for beginners or people who want a versatile option for many different activities.

Phantom Weights

The second option is The Phantom Weights Arm Sleeve. The compression technology provides the added benefit of spreading the weight out evenly across the entire arm. This allows for a supremely snug fit and unsurpassed muscle activation. Phantom arm sleeves are the best option for baseball.

The evenly distributed weight is essential for throwing as it does not put undue stress on the shoulder. Unlike the product above, the fit is not very adjustable. A tight fit is necessary for successful use. It comes in three sizes to accommodate people of all types.

Phantom has engineered the perfect sleeve for baseball, swinging and throwing with these on will increase bat speed and shoulder strength. There’s no better way to train for baseball strength than using your own equipment and practicing with added resistance. At $30 for one or $55 for a pair the Phantom weighted arm sleeve does not come cheap, but for baseball players there is absolutely no second option.

Wrapping it up

Weighted arm sleeves are an amazing tool to increase resistance for your standard exercise activities. Whether it’s walking or jogging, the additional resistance will strengthen and tone your arms. For runners, or competitive athletes wearing sleeves will let you improve the muscles you need to run faster, jump higher, and outclass the competition. The science is clear, it’s better to work smarter.

Target the muscles you need to improve, doing the activities you want to improve. It makes perfect sense. Add resistance to what you really love, so that in crunch time, it’s easier than before. Arm sleeves with weights are not a magical fix, you still need to put in the time. However, why not get the most out of your practices, and workouts?

UFC 15 lb. Weighted Vest Review

UFC 15 lbs weighted vest

A good muscular body is what most men want in today’s society, but getting that super hero look doesn’t come easy. This UFC weighted vest can be a valuable product for use with 15 lbs, it’s a convenient way to get your body in shape. The product comes with a remarkable design that will fit perfectly around your body. The UFC weighted vest is a perfect choice for all kinds of exercises, especially if you’re into MMA and martial arts. Have a look at a detailed description of the UFC weighted vest to have a better insight of what the product can do for you.

The UFC 15 lbs. weighted vest gives you multiple features which will be helpful for you if you feel the need to give your body a good shape. With so many nice features, we feel as if the item is a complete package to give you good health. You can maintain yourself regarding physical health by using this weighted vest. It can help you gain your goal in a most efficient way.

The product is quite impressive, especially when you consider how affordable it is. Let’s take a deeper look and see what makes this vest so good in this UFC weighted vest review.

Salient Features

Every product comes with a few features that make up together to form the best kind of item for use. We have gathered together some features of this product. Here are some features listed to let you know what the UFC 15 lb. weighted vest provides.

Highly adjustable

The product is adjustable. It means it can fit your body perfectly. You can tighten or loosen the weighted vest according to your body shape. This can be helpful when you are working out. The vest will not bother you in any way. You will feel no hindrance while focusing on your work out.

Comfortable Design

The product is made in such a design that it gives you full range of motion. As you will be working out, you would need complete space to perform your exercises. With wearing this vest, you can easily carry out your normal routine, whether that’s doing jabs and kicks, or lifting heavy weights. There will be no breaks in your exercises hence you can finish off your activity in the minimum time possible.

As with many other vests out there, this one comes “pre-assembled” so to speak. Very much like the Tone Fitness, it’s a complete solid piece, meaning there’s no need to insert weights. It will be ready to wear when you receive it. There are no complications in wearing the UFC weighted vest 15lb. The design itself is quite simple to understand. 

Less Weight

The vest weight is made out of a mixture of sand and iron. This is pretty smart since it will allow you to perform more movements without restricting you. The vest will “flex” with your body so to speak. 15 pounds is also a pretty good weight, it’s not too heavy but not too light either. The product is fully suitable for beginners going to the gym or men who go for sports practices.

Pros & Cons


There are a few benefits of using this product which can convince you into buying the weighted vest. The following points will help you in gathering positivity of the UFC 15 lb. weighted vest.

  • The product can used be for multiple purposes (for example: walking, running, etc.).

  • It can help boost your strength.

  • It comes with a one year warranty as well.


With every good quality comes a drawback. Below are some points which tell you about some disadvantages of this weighted vest.

  • You might have back or shoulder pains if you feel this 15 lbs. of weight is heavy for you.

  • The weighted vest can also give you joint pain due to strains.

  • It might be uncomfortable for use if it does not adjust on your body.


By the end, it is only to be said that purchasing this UFC 15 lbs. weighted vest can be beneficial for you if you are keen to lose excessive weight or get your body in shape. It is important to be fit in these days to work daily without any ailments. Using this product can help you boost your energy and power. It will give you strength to work daily. You can make use of the UFC 15 lbs. weighted vest by ordering it online or by visiting stores.

Before you buy, you must give it a complete survey with all the details you need. It must not provide you with any disadvantages. Give it a trial and then choose the product for yourself. Generally, the UFC 15 lbs. weighted vest is quite helpful in getting your body into good shape.

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Vmax Weighted Vest Review

v-max weighted vest review

Ideal for walking, running and body-weight workouts the upgraded 30 Lb V-Max weight vest is an ideal medium-resistance garment that offers quality and value designed to last.

An item of high specification sportswear that is perfect for use in all forms of high-intensity exercise (including boxing, mixed martial arts and Cross Fit) there’s certainly a reason it has been the top selling weight vest in the USA for the past 30 years.

In our 30 Lb V-Max weight vest review we look at the key benefits the product offers…

Tip: Looking for a heavier model? Check out the V-force vest!​ It’s made by the same company.

Sizing and weights

The V-max weighted vest is available in two sizes to guarantee the essential comfort and flexibility needed for those who like to train hard, so when ordering it’s best advised to consider your workout regime and body shape.

The two shoulder widths can be chosen based on the particular exercises you undertake. So you may find the 4-¼” wide shoulder best for cardio focused workouts whilst the 3-¼” suits better for body-weight workouts such as pull ups.

However as a more general guide, the 4-¼” option is a good bet for those with broader shoulders whilst the 3-¼” will be better suited for those with a narrower frame.

The attached weights themselves each scale at 2.5lbs and are approximately 3-7/8″ long, 2″ wide and 1-1/2″ thick. All weights have enamel coated rounded corners, a small but clever design tweak that makes sure they never wear out the fabric of the inner or outer garment.


There’s a reason the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest is considered the 100% guaranteed strongest vest available.

A product clearly designed with regular use and durability in mind, the vest benefits from a range of features that help to retain shape after every use.

The introduction of inter-skeletal webbing gives the garment lasting structure whilst reinforced shoulders and pockets are designed to maintain the body of the vest during every workout.

Shoulder and body padding is high density, crush proof and benefits from reassuring little extras including mold resistant fiber and O-zone protected foam, all of which add to the comfort and durability of the garment when faced with humidity.


One of the first things you notice about this garment is the feeling of quality, and this is largely down to the use of Condura materials.

Condura provide an industry recognized collection of fabrics used in varying products including backpacks, clothing and army wear and they are well renowned for durability and resistance to tearing.

All V-max Weighted Vests are manufactured with specialist Cordura materials that have been independently tested to endure at 1000-D, assuring even the most well used garment remains resistant to abrasion and wear.

Another hallmark of quality comes in the form of the T-90 and T-70 nylon threading and lock-stitch sewing used throughout each garment. This guarantees that weight holding pockets remain intact without damage and the adjustment belt will remain strapped even during vigorous exercise.

One of a few fantastic additional features is the optional liner that safeguards against the inevitable sweat and moisture that comes with high intensity exercise. This inner lining is fully machine washable and can be dried at a moderate heat.

And if you’re keen to work out in style, the 30 Lb V-Max Weight Vest is available in a wide choice of colors and patterns especially useful if you train as part of a team or gym group.

And if you’re keen to work out in style, the 30 Lb V-Max vest is available in a wide choice of colours and patterns especially useful if you train as part of a team or gym group.


Available for just over $150, the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest represents a significant investment in a heavy duty, lasting addition to your successful training regime.

Coming with a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping (within the United States) this garment presents a sound purchase all weight and resistance training enthusiasts.

Customer satisfaction

An industry leading product that has been an established bestseller for more that 30 years, feedback on this product is as positive as you might imagine.

Owing to its comfortable fit, weight distribution and maneuverability the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest has been widely commended by athletes as a versatile training aid that can be utilized for almost any activity (other than swimming!).

Praise has also been extended for the quality and durability of the vest, in particular the quality of material and stitching and the way the garment keeps shape even after vigorous daily use.

Consistently receiving five star reviews from satisfied customers, the 30 Lb V-Max weight vest is an established product of choice for people who are serious about high-intensity exercise regimes.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest Review

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is by far the perfect addition to your workout routine. The CAP Barbell company offers the CAP Weighted Vest in eight options with different weights, and the vests are adjustable in 2.5 pound increments.

Thus, if you decide to buy a 40 pound vest, you can choose to remove as much pounds as you want to feel comfortable and gain strength to increase the weight. This feature is what makes the CAP Weighted Vest one of the best in its category on the market.

Buying this vest will cost you anything from $50-$200 depending on how much weight you choose. With over 280 positive reviews, you can be sure you’re getting your moneys worth.​

The CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest can be acquired with weights from 20 to 80 pounds, for both men and women. The vest has built in neoprene padding to ensure comfort, and its design fit both men and women. It is thick and well stitched. The weights it uses are sand bags which are quickly added or removed. The belts on the vest that are adjustable makes the vest fit everyone and match any body type.

Functional design for a good price

The vest is an amazing addition to your fitness equipment collection. This is precisely what you need to kick it into 4th gear of your body fat burn regimen. Excellent quality, easy to fasten double-strap on the Velcro, gray pocket in the front easily fits your phone, and a great price. Considering the quality relative to the price, the vest is top notch. It vest is going to work for you for a very long time. The price is great, and you can start at lower weight and work your way up. As of right now, the 80lb vest is the best price per pound and it is worth twice what it cost. Great bargain, without giving up quality.

CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is fairly comfortable, solidly constructed, and quite spacy despite the lack of an extra strap to avoid jostling around. The vest seems to hold up very well under all the weight. Overall, you might find it very useful in the long run when you get used to having it on your torso. The quality of the vest is high relative with the price. It looks good and it is functional besides the fact there are a few minor issues that need to be fixed to make the vest perfect. It’s sturdy and you will not have to worry about it falling apart any time soon. It is restrictive at first but it gets easier to move in and function once you get the hang of it. From then on, it is pure fun.

Easy to put in the weights

The weights that you receive with the vest are not in, so you have to put them by yourself, and it is not as hard as it sounds. You simply slide it in the pocket and strap with the midsection belt to tighten it. The vest is very well constructed since the sand bags are pretty tight in the pockets. There are 3 pockets per row – two rows in front, two in back. The outside pockets hold two sand weights, the middle pocket holds one. 5 sand weights per row, 20lbs per row, 4 rows, 40lbs in front, 40lbs in back making it 80lbs total.

The vest is a decent size. It is big enough that it holds all of the weight, but small enough that it does not get in the way walking around. This is a great product if you want to add a challenge to your walks. It is also a good product if you want to add resistance to your bodyweight work out such as pushups, chin/pull ups, inverted row, lunges, or any other calisthenics.

Not as tight as it could be

On the other hand, the vest could benefit from a second strap closer to the chest to tighten it closer to the body and prevent any bouncing when doing extensive exercise. It is quite bulky so you most probably would not be able to wear it under clothes, and restrains a full range of motion. People that see you wearing it might think of you as a police officer or possible expect you to defuse explosives or break up a riot. It is rather a matter of tastes and preference if you like to look like a rough guy.


· Special neoprene paddings for the comfort of the body

· Design that allows free movement during exercises

· Available for both men and women in different sizes

· A pocket for a cell phone

· Reflective strips as a safety precaution for night-time activities


· It is comfortable and allows space for the weights that are fastened by the belts

· The vest can be strapped tightly against body to prevent bouncing during movement

· CAP Barbell vests have been recognized by their quality and durability


· The process of putting the weights in the west might be difficult and complicated

· The vest might be too long or short for your body type

· Doing workouts that have jumping motions might be insecure

· Too much weight added can dig the vest into your shoulders

Some last advice

Before you buy the vest you should probably consider your weight and height ration to the vest, because it was obviously not made for everybody. It may be too long to perform exercises that require lower body extremities comfortably. A full range of motion for upper body exercises is possible, but it is not recommended to do any work out that requires jumping motions because it is does not seem very secure.

It might take a longer time to get all the weights into the pockets because the pockets are tight and the weights are long sand filled nylon bags which makes it hard to push them to the constricted spaces.

The vest has a design flaw with the padding on the shoulder because with a lot of weight it might dig in to your shoulder. It does a great job of keeping the bags from moving, but adjusting the weight of the vest takes a lot of time and effort. Caution care must be taken when storing and caring for the weights that come in nylon bags, because if you throw them around or are rough with them, there is a possibility they will leak.