Best Weighted Vest For Dogs 2018

weighted vest for dogs

​When it comes to finding the best dog weight vest (also known as anxiety jackets for dogs), you have to use a little common sense and buy a high quality product that is not only going to last but is also going to be the best fit and size for your breed.

Now to some this may seem like the strangest thing to do, why would you burden your best friend with a heavy weighted dog vest? To many this can seem cruel, but it's quite the opposite actually. Scroll down and you'll discover how a simple thing as a weighted dog vest can do wonders for your furry buddy.

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The benefits of a weighted vest for dogs

There are lots of good reasons to use a dog weight training vest – from not only building up your dogs muscle and stamina but to helping to keep your pet calm. Down below you will find everything you need to know about weighted vests for dogs and where to buy them.

Weighted Dog Jackets Improves Muscle Tone And Controls Weight

If your pooch is overweight, then the product you choose can help your pet get back to a healthy weight. Having that extra energy can also make some dogs a little more aggressive, so the dog weight training vest can certainly help with some behavior issues.

As your dog sheds all the excess fat, muscles will become much more visible, leaner and stronger. As with humans, the extra muscle provides much greater protection for the joints and the skeletal system. If you own a slightly older dog it will also benefit from the use as improved muscles will help to deal with issues such as arthritis. Overall it enables your pet to do more in terms of activities.

Now it is probably true that the more muscled breeds like rottweilers, staffordshire bull terriers and pitbulls can benefit from using these dog weight vests, but so can many of the other breeds, such as gun dogs, retrievers and lurchers who can also gain extra stamina and fitness from using one of these also.

You do however have to be sensible and use common sense in your approach to using them, putting one on a puppy would possibly harm his or her development, while older dogs and dogs with serious joint problems may not be able to handle the weight. If you are unsure about how much weight your dog can handle, consider seeing a veterinarian for advice.

Using A Dog Weight Vest Can Have Calming Effects For Dogs With Anxiety

If you have a dog that is very active or that suffers from anxiety, a weight vest is certainly a good way to help burn off some of that extra energy and create some calming effects. This does not have to be a complicated process and can simply be achieved while they are running around in your back garden. Not only will they become much much calmer, they will also get more exercise and be way more manageable.

cesars way

There are some great books on this subject that can give you advice on any dog behavior which you can check out here

This in turn will tire them out a little more.The fundamental idea is to calm them in situations where they would normally be anxious or pretty stressed.

Many owners have reported that using a weighted vest for dogs have improved their best friends behavior drastically. If your dog get's terrified by fireworks for example, a dog anxiety jacket or weighted vest will help them.

These weighted vests actually have the same effect as it does for people with ADHD or autism. The weight of the vest enclasps the dog, giving the same sensation of a hug. If your dog is calm you will have a much easier time taking him or her for a walk, training and social activities will also be a breeze.

Introducing A Weight Vest To Your Dog

As you might expect, a dog will not be very fond of the idea at first. Why would they? That's why it is very important to take it slow and introduce it gradually. There's not set time for how long it takes for a dog to get used to weighted vest, but give it at least one to two weeks.

The first training sessions should be gentle, put it on the ground, let them smell it and get familiar with the vest. When the vest is no longer a strange item for your dog, it's time for him or her to wear it. It would be wise to start without any weights at first, so they can get used to just wearing it. If all goes well your dog shouldn't be too bothered by the vest, at that point it's time to add weights. But here you need to take it real slow. You don't want add all the weights at the same time, instead increase the weight in small increments. Having just an extra 1lbs on their back can be a real difference, the purpose here is to gently introduce your dog to something totally unfamiliar.

​It's also very important for your dog to have the weight vest balanced. If the vest is not balanced properly it will create discomfort and might instead be associated with something negative rather than something positive.

Before You Buy A Weighted Vest For Dogs

Before you order a dog weight vest for your dog, please read some of our tips down below. Not only will these tips save you money, they can also prevent you from buying the wrong kind of weighted jacket for your dog.

Weighted backpack or weighted vest?

There are actually two types of weighted harnesses for dogs out there. One is a more like a jacket that goes around the chest, while the other is more like a backpack. Both work great as a dog weight vest, but depending on your lifestyle, one might be better than the other.

The weighted backpacks are usually great choices for people that love the outdoors. If you go hiking with your dog on a regular basis, getting a backpack with weights could be a great idea. Not only will your pet get the benefits from wearing weight, they will also help you carry your stuff up the trail. It's a win-win situation. The downside to this type of vest is that it requires careful attention so it doesn't slide around on your dogs back.

If you're not the outdoorsy type a regular weighted harness will probably suit you better. While they also have pockets, they're not very big and will only fit the included weights. These vests fits a lot better too, so you won't have to worry about causing discomfort for your dog.

Quality and durability

Have you ever ​heard of the saying "You get what you pay for"? While it might always hold true, it certainly does for weighted dog jackets and vests. It's highly recommended to buy a vest from a known manufacturer, don't skimp on the price as cheaper vests and jackets tend to be sewn poorly. They might save you some money at first, but in the long run you'll be buying new vests each month. Remember that the vest is worn by a dog, you never know what they might come up with. Slide through mud or ice, chew at it, you get my point.

How easy is the vest to use?

​A good dog weight vest is a vest that can be fastened in no time. Sadly there's no way to properly tell if a weight jacket will be easily fastened or not, you'll just have to rely on reviews. Check what we have written down below, maybe you'll find something that fits your dog.

The best vests, jackets and harnesses for dogs

If you've decided to purchase a dog weight vest for your dog, we have made a little top list of our favorites. These are products that have gotten a lot of positive feedback from dog owners all over the world. 

Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

One of the latest products is the Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack.

These dog backpacks feature some really unique ideas. With various bright colors and reflective strips for increased visibility, large pockets for food and water storage, and an elastic water bottle holder really make them an ideal backpack overall.

Loved by many hikers and campers, the Kyjen Dog Backpack is guaranteed to be a favorite if you spend time in the outdoors. It also works great for calming your pooch down or to give them some well needed exercise.​

Outward Hound's backpack has gotten over 1,500 positive reviews on Amazon, 55% of these are 5 star ratings. Sizes go from small to extra large, by small we're talking about the size of a french bulldog or a beagle.


  • Removable pack takes weight off the dog during rest stops
  • Reflective accents and bright colors for high visiblity
  • Convenient pockets for carrying food and water
  • Interior water bottle holder and mesh pockets
  • Adjustable straps with breathable mesh harness giving maximum comfort & fit

K9 Fitvest

weighted harness for dogs

The K9 Fitvest is a lightweight weighted vest for dogs of all sizes (which are sold separately, just search for the K9 Fitvest on Amazon). It will not hold as much weight as a backpack styled harness, but it will have a better calming effect. 

Another interesting feature of this weighted dog harness is the ability to use cool packs to get the temperature down. You have to remember that our furry friends get pretty hot in the summer, a tight vest will only make things hotter. Do note that the cool packs are sold separately.

If you're looking for a dog weight vest with sensory abilities, this is definitely the vest to get.

While not as popular as the weighted backpack above, this K9 fitvest is a great budget choice. It will cost you less than $50 and will keep your dog calm and relaxed.


  • Vest allows for full range of motion
  • Conforms to your dogs body with out restriction
  • Doesn't slide or shift during exercise
  • Ability to hold cold gel packs
  • Reflective material to help visibility at night

Ruffwear Backpack

weighted dog jacket

If you want to get yourself a weighted backpack for your dog but don't fancy spending over $100, the Ruffwear hiking pack is just the thing you need.

It's ergonomic design will let your dog carry different objects without sacrificing comfortability. ​Some interesting features are the leash walking ring and the lifting handle. This makes it a good choice for all-around activities and as well handling your dog if he decides to make some trouble. Sizes go from XX-small to X-large so most dogs will be able to wear this without any issues.

It has a near perfect 5 star rating on Amazon, a whopping 81% are positive 5 star reviews. All breeds seem to enjoy this dog backpack, no matter their size or weight. The only complaint people have are about the straps lacking any padding. Luckily it seems like most dogs do not suffer from this.


  • Fits all kinds of dogs, from very small to very large
  • Distributes the load evenly across your dogs body
  • It's comfortable, even for longer periods of time
  • Made from durable materials 

Wrapping it up

There are many dogs that simply don't get enough exercise,and this can lead to the same weight problems as people have. This can be in the form of joint pains, diabetes and liver trouble. A weighted vest for dogs is a simple solution that has tons of great benefits.

Increasing physical activity through regular exercise helps your dog burn more calories,achieve a healthy body weight, increases the metabolism and builds lean muscle.  

This is highly recommended and is a must for all dog owners who want the best quality dog weight vest to help keep there pet in tip top condition.

CROSS 101 Weight Vest Review And Guide


Why not try the cross 101 weight vest as part of your new routine, this is top weighted vest loved by many. This vest is comfortable to wear and comes with 10 iron ore weights of 4lbs each.

This is a 40lb short vest with all the iron bars added and will give you all the of resistance needed to add to your training enhancing whatever kind of workout you’re doing.

Even though the Cross 101 weight vest carries a lot of weight the vest itself is quite compact. In fact the vest will only come down from your collarbone 13 inches and has a width of 15 inches. It includes a one year warranty so if something does go wrong with the vest you’ll be able to return it for a new one. We hope our cross 101 weight vest review helps you make the right choice when buying.

The Cross 101 weight vest is comfortable to put on and comes with a belt that you can tighten to make sure all the weights are kept nice and snug against your body. This should reduce the possibility of having the weights jiggling about while you’re doing your workout.

Cross 101 Weight Vest Easy To Put On And Take Off

This cross 101 weighted vest is not hard to put on and take off. In fact the weights should slide easily into their positions and are easy to take out again as well. With 40lbs of weight in there it will be a little heavy to pick up and get your head through but this is to be expected when carrying so much weight.

For Enhanced Weight Vest Workouts Use The Cross 101

Are ordinary pushups getting a little too easy? Now you can add weight to your exercises and take your body to the next level. This Cross 101 weighted vest is good for all kinds of exercises and should enhance your power, agility and strength.

The cross 101 weighted vest is half the price of other similar vests in this category and still does a great job. It’s comfortable, easy to wear and easy to add and remove weights. There are other versions of this weight vest if you need lower weight resistance such as the 20lbs edition or the 12lbs edition. These could be used by anyone wishing to have the same fitness and cardio effect but does not need the extra poundage the the larger 40lbs version has.

Features of The Cross 101 Weighted Vest:

• Weights Included. 10 x 4lbs Iron Ore weights.

• Weights are adjustable in 4lbs Increments. Max weight is 40lbs.

• One size fits All. Manufacture warranty included.

• One piece design with belt attached onto the vest for easy setup.

• ONLY 13″ in width.

What Customers Are Saying:

Customers say that the Cross 101 weight vest is great value for money. They love how easy it is to slip the weights in and out and how snug it fits around your chest. The only complaint is that the material can rub on your neck a little. You made need to wear a t-shirt or add some soft material around the shoulder straps to remove any potential for soreness here.

“The vest itself is pretty sturdy and it tightens up pretty close to my body, which is nice since I’m 5’4″ 140lb woman. ”

“I mainly use it for push ups pull-ups dips and sprinting and it has met my needs completely I do recommend it.”

“The weights are easy to put in and take out, and the cross 101 weighted vest is also easy to put on and take off. It fits like a flak jacket.”

“I’ve had this now for a few weeks and use it for running, at first I had issues with it rubbing my neck raw. I added a towel to the neck piece and ever since then no issues. I love it, its helped my run significantly.”

“Pros – Obviously the cost. It’s half the price of other vests in the same category and the seller was smart enough to use the “If it fits, it ships!” box to minimize the cost of shipping.”

Recommendation & Price

The Cross 101 Weighted Vest is currently on sale for around 50% off the retail price (sorry guys and gals, sale is over!). This is a fantastic deal and considering how sturdy and easy the vest is to wear it makes this one of the best offers on Amazon. It’s handy having so many adjustable weights and a max weight of 40lbs is pretty decent as well.

The only concern with the cross 101 weighted vest is the potential for the shoulder strap to rub against your neck but this can be alleviated with a small piece of fabric. To find the best price for this cross 101 weight vest just click the blue button below the image.

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

ultra flex athletics knee compression sleeve support

Running, Jogging, Sports, Joint Pain Relief, Arthritis and Injury Recovery

In this review we will be taking a close look at the Ultra Flex Knee Compression Sleeve and giving you our opinion on what makes this compression sleeve such a good investment

Firstly we will start with the design which has been structured with flexibility and the users range of motion in mind Which is a big plus when total movement in the leg is required,but still needs support.

There is no compromise with maneuverability and the support sleeve can easily be worn as part of any sports training or for supporting the knee and surrounding area  to alleviate any potential knee strain.

The overall textured neoprene is totally breathable and has the added benefit of having unique gripping strips on the inside.

This feature helps the knee sleeve to stay in place when you are involved in sporting activities or just moving around.

The material is thin enough for the user to wear underneath clothing throughout the day which is ideal for anyone suffering from minor ligament or knee pain.

​What Does A Knee Support Actually Do?

There is a slight misconception that a knee compression sleeve is more or less the same as a knee brace. This is not quite true.

A knee brace is used to protect the knee form any injury or problem that may have happened in the past and it basically helps to stop that injury from returning.

The ultra flex and similar compression sleeves have been designed as an aid for the following:

  • To alleviate any kind of pressure on the knee and to help prevent any future injury or damage.This is evident if you are a frequent runner or sprinter,weightlifter or bodybuilder,when wearing a support can help limit muscle vibration and also helps in the prevention of fatigue which will avoid damage to the knees and surrounding areas.
  • To add compression to the knee area that contributes to increasing blood flow, reduce swelling, and minimize pain in the knee joints both during and after intense exercise. The compression helps your muscles to recover faster from your workout.

The Benefits Of Wearing One.

  • reduction in inflammation and swelling,stimulates blood flow,aids swift muscular recovery
  • can be used for MMA,football,hiking,volleyball,skiing,tennis,golf,bodybuilding,squatting cycling,baseball
  • surgery recovery,runners & jumpers knee,ACL,MCL,PCL,meniscus tear,arthritis,tendonitis
  • offers stable compression for squats,weightlifting,cardio training,spin class,fitness,crossfit.
  • suitable for all,men,women and children.
Can This Be Worn When Running Or Sprinting?

The simple answer to that is Yes. The support sleeve offers compression and muscle warmth during intense sporting activities. Running is one of the many intended uses and can help to protect the area from damage.


As stated earlier the ultra flex athletics compression sleeve has been designed with some of the very latest technology allowing athletes and trainers of all levels to push the limits in their training regimes.

 The innovative 4 way stretch capability, offers good all around superior support and protection and  is an important factor in helping runners, weightlifters, bodybuilders,amateur and even professional athletes.


The maximum compression grade does a superb job of protecting the knee and helps to promote good blood flow while reducing inflamation and swelling. Also speeds up muscle recovery and repair and the designed strips allow for a superior non slip action allowing you to get through your workout without having to keep reajusting.


Unfortunately the package only contains one sleeve but being well priced we only see this as a small inconvenience.

Take care of your knees and prevent future injury

If you have had any type of injury or surgery etc to the area then the ultra flex sleeve is highly recommended to use during the recovery phase and can help to speed up the process.

With an easy fit using the measuring chart,lightweight breathable fabric and designed for all day comfort and ultra-durability. the ultra flex athletics knee compression sleeve support  is a must for anyone looking for a good quality and well priced professional grade knee support.

Best Weighted Vests For Training

Best Weighted Vest For Training

For any one asking the question What are The Best Weighted Vests For Training? we have decided to put together a list of the best selling weight vests on amazon.

Trying to judge which is the best weighted vest is in itself a difficult task. But,when you buy a weighted vest from the top of the range brand, and you should, there is little to choose between the manufacturers in our opinion. Head over to our front page to see our weighted vest reviews.

What Are The Best Weighted Vests For Training?

When you are looking for a weight vest to buy use a top branded one as it will make a world of difference.

Resistance training is probably one of the better ways to safely and gradually improve your overall athletic and muscular ability.This is achieved by doing exercises that would normally be quite hard to do with your regular every day gym weights and dumbbells.

Whichever the case, regular exercise with a vest can and will improve your fitness levels compared with someone who does very little in the way of resistance training and someone who very rarely leaves the couch.

Combining your diet plan with regular exercise or fitness programme is a very efficient and effective way of achieving your goal of a fit and healthy body.

Using A Weight Vest In Your Training To Improve Your Cardio And Overall Fitness Levels.

best weighted vests for training

Improve your fitness by doing more than one simple exercise.

The key here is to try variations and explore different types of exercises to burn more of those calories, like combining cardiovascular exercises and basic strength training

Cardiovascular exercise increases the heart rate significantly and therefore helps to build up your overall stamina, especially if this is repeated on a regular basis.

As your fitness and strength levels improve, gradually increase both the frequency and time of your exercises.Strength training exercises are also an important part of your workout plan as they can assist in keeping your muscles full and they assist in toning your body.

There are a wide variety of strength training workouts, just tailor one of the many to your needs. Some can even be done at home without any equipment.

You can pick up a weighted vest that gives you options to add or decrease the weight as needed. This is good for the average beginner who is looking to add a little weight while they walk or run. And for the user who becomes a little more advanced and wants to get more from their workouts or take part in classes such as crossfit.

First and foremost is is far better to pay that little bit extra for a quality brand rather than the cheaper option. As you are well aware, exercise equipment is not cheap, and there are few things more frustrating as buying a piece of equipment only to have it break before you even have a chance to get some wear out of it!

There is a pretty simple test to ensure that the vest you buy is up to the hardcore workouts you will be putting it through.

  • Just check that the material is both sweat and tear resistant.
  • Make sure you can add weight and decrease the weight of the vest.
  • You get a manufacturers warranty
  • Try to ensure that you get a good fit as per the fitting recommendations of that product.
  • Check out reviews of other users to get an idea of what the vest is like.

The Adjustable Weight Vest

A top weight vest is suitable for most peoples training regimes it's just a matter of choice as to which vest you choose. If you are looking to increase the weight of your vest as your fitness improves then you want an adjustable one.

These are more expensive and come in two sizes, short vests and long vests but the adjustable versions obviously provide you with better training options overall.

The long training vests are arguably the most comfortable but one of the problems seems to be in the hip area which does tend to be a little more restrictive on  your movements.

Just keep the vest light to begin with. Some people prefer short vests because as stated they don't restrict your overall movement too much,and tend to sit higher on the body allowing your full range of motion


Another important factor is being able to change the weights in small or large increments when you want.

This is excellent when you are someone who is a little unfit. Once your fitness has been built up to a certain level you can then introduce the weights to the training vest and increase your workload as you see fit.

Overall you really need to decide on what your short or long term goals are, what type of exercises you need to accomplish and then ensure that the weighed clothing option you choose will not hinder your workouts. So, with that in mind let’s get started in looking at what options you have below

Some Of The Best Weighted Vests For Training

Below we have put together a list of the top five selling products on amazon that we think are more than suitable to take your training, fitness and cardio levels further than they have been pushed before,and we hope that you are able to find something that will enable you to reach your goals. 

We hope that this review has given you some ideas and the resources to find the right weight vest that will become part of your fitness and training goals.Simply by taking your time to do some simple online research, you know that when you do eventually find the product for you it will be the one of the best weighted vests for your price range.

IronWear Speed Vest Review

ironwear speed vest

The Ironwear Speed Vest is one of the new innovative weighted vests that can be used as a conditioning tool for any major sport including, track and field, basketball, football, baseball and volleyball. Due to its unique modern construction the vest can also be used in the water for regular resistance training opening up many more training options that would not have been available before.

The vest itself is made up of a polyester mesh material that has been specifically designed to dry fast and does not collect water. It has comfortable flexible shoulder straps which ensures that you have not only the comfort but also mobility and padding. The weight vest is a mere ½ inch thick with a thin layer of flex-metal weights. This makes it great for running, and endurance sports where you are really actively moving around and need the extra movement.

Ironwear Design And Features

The weights on the vest are nice and evenly balanced from the back to the front and comes supplied with 10 pounds of Flex-metal™ weights, but can be adjusted from 1 pound up to 10 pounds by simply removing or adding the ½ pound metal weights.This in itself makes it much easier for beginners to use a smaller weight until their body and physique has adapted to the much heavier weight.

Main Features

  • Very light weight
  • Adjustuble from 1lb up to to 10lbs
  • Can wear in the water and has a secure strap fitting across the body to prevent side to side shifting
  • The vest is highly visible which is great for anyone using it for road running
  • The weights are distributed evenly in the front and back so it does not restrict or hinder your natural movement. Very important factor for athletes!
  • 20 1/2 pound weights are included with the vest
ironwear speed vest review

Sizing of the vest

One of the great benefits of this type of sports product is that it has a one size fits all design.This is a great feature also as none of us are exactly built the same,so ideal for all shapes and sizes. The unique cross system strapping allows it to adjust to each individuals body type whether the user is large framed or small,and cuts down on the overall movement of the garment.

Benefits Of Wearing The Speed Vest

As stated earlier the biggest and most obvious benefit of this new type of weighted vest is that you can wear and train with it in the water.This basically opens up a whole new element to resistance training which up until now has not been as efficient as it might have been.

ironwear speed vest features

Water running is mostly low impact training and is not entirely that challenging enough at times.This would push your training to new limits.! The vest is primarily built using a fast dry polyester mesh.The porous design permits the vest to dry quickly and in turn does not allow it to collect water.

This would also be a great weight vest for use in running given the fact that you can adjust it up to 10lbs and it has a very open arm area that offers plenty of mobility and with its hi viz appearance is well suited for any running activity.It is definitely a more snug fit being slightly tighter and thinner than most uni-vests.

Weight Capacity

It’s a very lightweight yet robust vest allowing you to easily remove the ½ pound weights giving the user the option to go as low as is required for their particular training needs.If you have all the weights fitted then obviously the more resistance you have, the more cardio benefits are gained and when you really get into your workout, you will feel the difference.

For those looking for more hardcore workouts you can check out other options such as the CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest or the Cross 101 Adjustable Weighted Vest both of these offer heavier weight options.

Professional Level Fitness For Everyone

Whatever type of training you do whether it be on a professional level or just for your own fitness then any type of weight vest can help with fat burning, as well as muscle toning and conditioning.

The Ironwear Speed Vest is part of the new range of multi purpose weight vests that makes it possible for any person to achieve weight naturally,improve on their overall fitness, and boost overall endurance and performance.


Where Can I Buy A Weighted Vest


For any one who would like to know where can i buy a weighted vest? we have decided to put together a list of the best selling weight vests available on amazon.

​Trying to judge which is the best vest is in itself a task. But,when you buy a vest from the top of the range brand, and you should, there is little to choose between the manufacturers in my opinion.

Buying A Weighted Vest That Is Right For You

Like anything else some people will always swear by one type of weighted training vest above all others and trying to arrive at an impartial decision is difficult. When you are looking for a weight vest for sale use a top branded one as it will make a world of difference.Spending the little extra on high quality will pay dividends in the long term and you will have a product that will last.

Nearly everyone today has been educated on the benefits of getting regular exercise, yet still there are an average of over sixty percent of adults not getting enough, while twenty-five percent of the population isn’t active at all. Whether this comes in the form of housecleaning for an hour or strength training at the gym--exercise keeps your muscles strong, your heart strong, and your body in shape. You may find that having home gym equipment to exercise on is a great way of staying active so that you can stay healthy.

Choose A Vest That Is Suitable For Your Needs

These are suitable for most it's just a matter of choice as to which weight vest you choose. If you are looking to increase the weight of your vest as your fitness improves then you want an adjustable vest. These are more expensive and come in two sizes. Short vests and long vests.

Doctors have found that the more active you are the healthier you are in many studies. There is a direct correlation between physical activity on that home gym equipment and a lowered risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and muscle, bone and joint problems. Also if this wasn’t all ready enough to have you looking up equipment reviews on the internet, exercise can literally make you feel better mentally and emotionally.

In my opinion it is always better to to have the option to change the weights when you want. This is excellent when you are someone who is a little unfit. Once your fitness has been built up to a certain level you can then introduce the weighted training vest and increase your weight as you see fit.

Just keep the vest light to begin with. Some people prefer short vests because they don't restrict your movement too much.

The long training vests are arguably the most comfortable but the hand down below the hips restricting some movement slightly.

The price of a good vest has dropped and the technology they use in making the vests with modern materials means,you get superb craftsmanship and quality, so, if you have asked where can I buy a vest you can get a superb training vest for around a hundred dollars right from Amazon.

Fitness Can Certainly Make You Feel Better

Training at home could prove as a good solution for the anyone interested. The effectiveness of this type of training could compare to the one of working out in the gym, as long as some factors are considered.

The first, and at the same time the most important of these, is owning the necessary equipment. If, besides this, you also have a partner who trains with you, the exercises can be as effective as the ones performed in the gym. Of course, we are talking now about the ideal situation of affording a gym in your own house.

Even with these conditions fulfilled, some practitioners, especially the more extrovert ones, might lack the stimulating atmosphere, the sharing of experience, the communication that they can find in the gym.

In most of the cases, what you can do at home is improvise a room or just a corner of a room, for fitness. Besides, most of the times you have to train by yourself. As these are the most frequent situations, we'll deal with them now. Anyway, it is preferable to have constant training at home, rather than interrupt it a lot because the gym is too busy, too far, too expensive, etc.

The minimum of equipment necessary for training at home includes: an adjustable bench, a set of two dumbbells, with increasing weights, a barbell, with free weights and a fix bar for pull ups. This equipment will enable both executing basic exercises (squats, bench presses, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc.) and diversity of exercises, necessary for avoiding routine.

The main disadvantage of not having a partner to train with is reflected in the amount of loading in some exercises, which cannot reach its maximum. There are many exercises which can be loaded to maximum without any risk, even if there is no partner to assist you (pull-ups, dips, shoulder presses, barbell curs, dumbbell curls, etc.).

An advantage which comes from training at home is that you can choose the training time without any restraint. Moreover, the speed of exercising can be increased a lot if the practitioner chooses to execute supersets, tri sets or giant sets. You can also save time, as you are not distracted by casual conversation, by waiting for the machines to be available, by having to change the weights for every personal series of exercises, etc.

In the extreme case when we can only afford as equipment a mattress, chairs and a towel, we can focus on exercises using the weight of the body (push-ups, reverse push-ups, between chairs push-ups, squats, sit-ups, crunches, hyperextensions, lunges, plyometrics, plunks, etc.).

All the exercises involving the body weight with a weight vest are considered really demanding, because they mobilize more stabilizing muscles that ensure coordination and balance. The body-weight vest exercises are often introduced in the programs at the gym due to their proven effectiveness.

Valeo Weighted Vest Review

Valeo Weighted Vest

In this Valeo Weighted Vest Review we will take a close look at the weight vest and give our opinion on the reasons for buying.

Now we all know that these pieces of weighted clothing are a great way to personalize your workouts as they allow you to add on extra weight depending on your fitness level and needs.

But the Valeo WV40 is a 40lb vest that has real advantages because it has a good overall body fit and the weights can be adjusted in increments of 1lb up to a maximum of 40 lbs.

​This vest has a number of pockets around the chest and torso to distribute the weight evenly while you workout.

This vest is made with a breathable mesh and it comes with four adjustable front clip belts.

The shoulder padding is reinforced to prevent excess strain or pinching on your neck and shoulders. It comes in one size which should fit most people.

This Valeo weighted vest is one of the best sellers on Amazon and has received numerous positive reviews from customers who rate it 4.0 out of 5 stars on average.

Valeo provide a range of fitness gear for sports and athletic enthusiasts including weighted belts, lifting gloves, body balls, weighted vests and jump ropes. They pride themselves on being a one-stop- shop for fitness gear and providing quality and value for their customers.

Valeo Weighted Vest Allows Easy Weight Distribution

One great thing about this weight vest is the many variations of weight distribution. The 40 sand bags allow you to place them all over your vest and use different weights according to the exercise your doing.

Enhance Your Workouts

Adding weight to your exercises will improve your muscle strength and endurance. With this vest you’ll have the option to add more weights as you progress with your routine.

Good Quality, Good Price

While being very affordable this vest still uses good quality material and looks quite durable. This may just be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make for your health and well-being.


  • 40-Pounds included; 40-Pounds max weight limit; All weights are removable
  • Great way to add resistance to your workout
  • One size fits most
  • Instructions included
  • Weight adjustable in 2.5-Pound increments

What Customers Are Saying

Those wanting to get fit seem to love the Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted Vest and rate it 4 out of 5 stars. They say that the vest is well made and they really like the flexibility of being able to add weights in 1 pound increments. Let’s have a look at a few reviews below.

“I love my weight vest. If you’re really serious about being fit then try this vest. The quality is good and so is the price.”

“This is by far the best purchase I have made to date. It is a way to add overall weight for core exercises that will keep it evenly distributed to help prevent muscle strain or injuries. I use it all the time when doing core exercise.”

“Great weighted vest. I like the individual 1 lb sacs so it can you can have many variations on wt distribution and for progression sake.”

“This vest has lots of straps and buckles to get a decent fit. I have gone one 3 mile and 6 mile walks with it on and it looks awesome and functions well.”

“This item has performed to my highest expectations, the weight variation is the big plus. I never go on my 3 mile walk without it. It came on time with free shipping.”

Recommendation & Price

If you’re serious about your training and want to improve your strength and cardio with a weighted vest then try the Valeo WV40 Weighted Vest with up to 40 pounds of added weight.

It has padded shoulder pads and a breathable mesh for a comfortable workout. The weights are added in one pound increments and it comes with four front buckles for a perfect fit.

Best Weighted Vest For Women

womens weighted vest

Body Type Guide

womens weighted vest

Selecting the best weighted vest for women does need a little research and a product shouldn't be purchased just based on a low price tag if your budget allows. As a general rule it is always best practice when looking to purchase a womens weight vest to base it on fitness level and most importantly body type.

Below we have put together a chart to give you some idea of what your body type category you may fall into.We hope you will find this review helpful and this will give a much clearer idea of which vest to go for.

One of the most important factors to be taken into consideration is proper weight distribution.When looking to buy one of the many weight vests for women this is important simply because of additional curves and shapes that the body naturally has.

An example of a bad fitting vest would be placing too much weight near the breast area. This would be extremely uncomfortable and painful but wouldn’t bother a man. Therefore it is a good idea to stick to the ladies product section when shopping for the best weight vest for women.

Hyperwear Weighted Vest Pro for Ectomorphs and Endomorphs

Now this may not be a specific womens weighted vest, but the Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO was designed specifically as a unisex product. You can rest assured that it will not feel like you’re wearing a mans vest because of the unique way it has been designed.

The compression fabric has been created to ensure a firm and close fit that hugs the body, even when doing intense cardio workouts. This is a particularly good womens vest because it allows for breast comfort as the vest follows a horizontal plane(for the ladies) and allows full chest expansion and contraction which is of vital importance.

With this womens weight vest  you can choose from a wide variety of weights, including; small (22lbs), medium (24lbs), large (34lbs), X-Large (48lbs) and XX-Large (64lbs). It has odor resistant, breathable fabric which means even at the heaviest weight, the hyperwear weighted vest is barely detectable under a shirt.

Due to the different sizes available this womens weight vest is perfect for the Ectomorph Body since it fits a slim body shape and the slightly larger Endomorph Type.

Features, Pros and Cons of the Hyperwear Weighted Vest Pro:


  • Incredible comfortable and easy to fit your body due to zipper front and stretchy material
  • Multi Workout Training Usability such as: Running, Walking, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Seal
  • Flexible and adjustable weights of 2 lbs each
  • Evenly distribution of weights
  • Won’t impede movement therefore perfect for body weight and gym workouts
  • Machine washable
  • Different sizes available


  • Weight Pockets could possibly wear a little over time
  • Sizes run a little small (order up one size)
  • Doesn't come with a lot of weight
  • High price tag (but could be debatable)

Mir 30lbs Weighted Vest Suits the Mesomorph Body Type

This Vest has been designed with the female figure in mind! You can instantly see that the shape of the vest is specifically shaped that way, allowing for maximum comfort, fitting from 5′ – 7′. The adjustable easy to adjust velcro belt also enhances the comfort factor of this vest. As per the name states, it has a maximum weight of 30 lbs weight but can be adjusted in small 3 lbs increments.

Due to the unique shape that naturally curves with the body, the MIR® - 30LBS WOMENS ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTED VEST is perfect for many types of weighted vest workouts, including; walking, running, cardio, high-intensity, and body weight workouts.

Features, Pros and Cons of the Mir 30lbs Weighted Vests for Women:


  • Price starts at $120 well worth the price tag
  • Very comfortable and allows easy breathing
  • Snug fit to the body
  • Solid construction
  • Weights are adjustable
  • Great for Cardio type of workouts, Running and Marathon Preparation


  • Fully loaded it's hard to put on
  • Inside material is rubbing against clothes you wear underneath
  • Doesn't come with a lot of weight
  • High price tag (but could be debatable)

Valeo 40lbs Weight Vest for the Mesomorph and Endomorph Body Types

The great thing about this kind of womens weighted vest is that you get a lot of variety and durability together,these being two of the best features. The max weight is a sturdy 40lbs but it can be easily adjusted with 1 lb. packs which allows a huge range of weight use for your specific training goals. The four adjustable front clip belts also allow you to make the specific modifications to fit your body.

This important factor ensures maximum comfort,but more importantly allows growth or reduction thorough any body size change that you experience. The durable, breathable mesh has reinforced shoulder padding making this womens weighted vest ideal for cardio, weight training, intense weighted vest workouts and all other styles of exercise. This womens weighted vest is not recommended for the slimmer and smaller body shapes.

Features, Pros and Cons of the Valeo 40lbs Womens Vest:


  • Good price 
  • Fits most body types
  • Great design and fits snuggly
  • Does not move around while doing physical activities
  • Great weight distribution
  • Very durable construction


  • Too loose for skinny and short women
  • Fabric is a bit rough on the skin
  • Buckles can break

We really hope that this guide has been of assistance to you and that you will be able to choose one of the best weighted vest for women that suits your needs and your goals for the future.

ZFO 40lb Weighted Vest Review

zfo weight vest

Using this zfo 40LB weighted vest is a great way to keep fit and stay in shape and this particular weight vest is one of the best you will find on the market.

This weight vest adds resistance to your workout and has adjustable weights so you can find the ideal weight ratio that suits you the most depending on your fitness level.

This zfo weighted vest holds a number of 2.5 lb weights on a comfortable vest that fits most people without any problems.

This training weight vest is a really good way to add resistance to your workout and can be used by both men and women who want to improve their strength, endurance and agility.

The ZFO VEST fits tightly around your torso and its molded shape means the weights won’t shift around while you’re going through an intense workout.

You also have the advantage of being able to add or remove individual weights quite easily and it’s a perfect vest for doing squats, lunges, pull-ups, push-ups and other exercises.

Huge Athletic Performance

Whether you just want to get fit and toned or play sport competitively you’ll notice a huge improvement to your athletic performance with this zfo weighted vest. The 40lb maximum weight gives you ample room for improvement and you can of course start out with as little as a few pounds and work your way up.

ZFOSports Adjustable Weighted Vest For Intense Workouts

Do you want stronger legs? This vest will put on the weight to help you build muscles in your legs and body. You’ll really feel the difference and your body will reward you with enhanced strength and muscle endurance. It’s not just the lower body. Depending on the exercise you can also optimize your upper body workouts by wearing the vest while doing push-ups, pull-ups and similar upper body exercises.

Well Made And Good Quality

Many fitness enthusiasts comment on how well the ZFO Sports vest is made and consider it to be great value for money. The weights used are made of sand so they should mold to your body when you’re wearing them. You can also take the weights out and use them for other exercises as well.


  • 40-Pounds included; 40-Pounds max weight limit; All weights are removable
  • Great way to add resistance to your workout
  • One size fits most
  • Instructions included
  • Weight adjustable in 2.5-Pound increments

What Customers Are Saying About The ZFO Weight Vest

It can be hard to find a weighted vest that suits all styles of people. For that reason it’s quite encouraging to see a vest that has wide popularity from women as well as men who use the product. The ZFOSports vest has one of the best ratings on Amazon with a customer satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

"Really well made, great value. Very happy with my purchase, I actually use the little sand bags it comes with to load my ruck when I'm not using the vest, so it's even more useful. Highly recommended."

"Great vest. Really helped out with building up the muscles in my legs. As a runner this has helped tremendously in my workouts. Walking 30 mins a day on my off running days has helped keep my legs strong."

"I'm a young teen girl who plays basketball and bball is like my life! I'm playing at the high school level and really need to get Stronger with more definition. I have seem a huge I'm improvement! the zfo is Definitely worth it!"

"This vest is very high quality and I couldn't be happier. Shipping was fast, I received it in 3 days. I am a big guy 6'5 300 lbs and I have no issues with the fit. The straps make it as tight or as loose as you want."

"Best vest available! Fits tight so I can jog with it on or do crossfit without it swaying all over the place. Weights are easy to add or remove. Works fine."

Recommendation & Price

The ZFO weighted Vest with 40lbs of weight is highly recommended for those looking to get fit, lose weight or increase their athletic performance. It has an adjustable fit and is suitable for both men and women.

The vest does look fairly hard core, like a Kevlar vest, so you need to bear that in mind before purchase. All in all the ZFO 40 LB WEIGHTED VEST is one of the best weight vest available and is quite affordable as well.

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest, 12lbs Review

Tone Fitness Weighted Vest

If you want to improve your exercises and gain additional strength try a weighted vest such as the Tone Fitness Weight Vest. This vest allows you to add up to 12 pounds of additional weight and is constructed from a soft neoprene material that is comfortable to wear.

The Tone Fitness Weight Vest comes with a pocket to hold your mobile phone, MP3 player or other device. One size fits most people and it comes with an easy to use strap buckle. The blue reflective strips will make you stand out in the dark so you don’t have to worry about being hit by cyclists or motorists.

The vest has a weight of 12 lbs which is not adjustable. It’s evenly distributed across the vest and is comfortable to wear. The vest is a one-size fits all design with a single adjustable strap that goes across your chest. Not only will this vest improve your strength but you cardio, power, speed and agility.

Tone Fitness is a company that specializes in producing fitness products for women. They have a wide range of products including Yoga mats, kettlebells, jump ropes and weighted vests. They not only design products that look good but are comfortable to wear and will improve your health.

Comfortable Fit

One of the most important things when using weighted vests is to make sure it fits well and is comfortable to wear. Tone Fitness have done a great job making sure this vest is evenly weighted and it comes with a buckle so that you can tighten it around your chest for a snug fit.

"I have wanted to buy a weighted vest for a long time. I got so lucky finding this one on the first try! The weight is evenly distributed & it fits very comfortably."

Quick Delivery

If you need a weighted vest fast and don’t want to wait around for delivery you can be sure that the Tone Fitness Weight Vest will be sent out as soon as possible. Within a short time you’ll be optimizing your routines for greater health and strength.

"Time frame was great i really liked the fact they shipment was fast and i thought i chose the wrong size but it fit perfect."

Great Value For Money

There’s no need to spend thousands on expensive exercise equipment. This weighted vest will improve your strength and agility and only costs a fraction of the price of other exercise equipment. The low cost combined with its soft and comfortable material with balanced weighting make this great value for money.

"If you want to ramp up your resistance in your power walks or floor exercises at the gym or home this is the way to go. Sits up higher on your body and securely for a better center of gravity. Does what it says it will do.Works great!"


  • Add strength training to your workout
  • Constructed of soft neoprene material for comfort
  • Pocket to hold MP3 player or cell phone
  • Reflective strips for safety while walking at night
  • One size fits most

What Customers Are Saying

The Tone Fitness Weighted Vest has received dozens of reviews from those wanting to improve their fitness. It scores a 3.8 out of 5 stars for customer satisfaction. Buyers say it’s comfortable to wear and fantastic value for money.

"This is a really well made weight vest, quality material and stitching."

"I have really been enjoying this weighted vest. I wear it for every workout and I can feel the difference."

Recommendation & Price

The Tone Fitness Vest is a women’s weighted vest with a fixed weight of 12 pounds. It’s easy to strap on and comes with an adjustable buckle. One size fits most people and the soft, durable material will be a delight to wear during your exercises. T

his vest is remarkable cheap and has received good reviews from customers.

To see the best price for this Tone Fitness Weighted Vest please click here.