A Guide To Weighted Arm Sleeves

arm sleeve weights

All sports are about bettering yourself and beating the competition. Pushing yourself to the limit gets harder and harder as your body adjusts to different activities. So how do you break out of your routine and get that extra edge on your opponents? The answer is resistance. Adding a little extra resistance while training makes it that much easier when the bright lights come on. That’s where weighted arm sleeves come in. Perfect for baseball, tennis and boxing, studies have shown that wearable weights can add power to your home run swing, tennis stroke, or left jab. Essentially any sport that requires use of the arms can be improved by wearing arm sleeves.

Usually ranging from 1-3 LBs, buying arm sleeves will be one the best decisions you can make to take your athletic performance to the next level.

How do they work?

Wearing heavy weighted arm sleeves during practice and training allows you to strengthen accelerator and decelerator muscles unconsciously. For example, wearing arm sleeves with weights on them for baseball makes throwing and swinging a bat a bit more difficult. Doing these repetitive actions with increased resistance allows you to build the muscles you need to succeed. When you remove the weights you will feel the difference. Increased bat speed, and more zip on your throws across the diamond. All with no extra conscious effort.

Weighted arm sleeves are not just good for baseball. They can help with any sport of with repetitive arm motions. That means if you want a little more snap on your backhand, or to add some distance to your golf shots, sleeves can help. Best of all, when your muscles adjust to the new resistance, many arm sleeves have the option to add more weight. Make plateaus a thing of the past. It’s perfectly safe and a great way to train specifically for your sport of choice.

Buying Weighted Arm Sleeves

The logical next step is deciding which weighted arm sleeves will help you achieve your athletic goals. It's a growing market but there are a few great options:

SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights

spri perfect fit arm weights

The first is the SPRI Perfect Fit Arm Weights. Weighing in at one pound each (with an optional .5LB insert that can take it 1.5LB) these are perfect for adding an extra challenge to your daily run. Worn around the wrist and with 2 adjustable straps, these sleeves are truly one size fits all and provide a safe and secure fit for any activity. The slim profile allows them to be worn under clothes for stealthy improvements while at work or at home.

The lightweight, and porous nylon fabric will make sure you’re not washing them after every workout. Excellent for improving your wrist action for sports like tennis, racquetball, squash or handball, these weighted arm sleeves will give you the extra hand speed you’ve been craving.

Wearing these on your daily walk/jog/run can snap you out of your routine and give you a new challenge. Simple but effective, SPRI Perfect FIt Arm Sleeves are wonderful choice for mixing up your regimen. At just over $20 for the pair, SPRI weighted arm sleeves are the ideal choice for beginners or people who want a versatile option for many different activities.

Phantom Weights

The second option is The Phantom Weights Arm Sleeve. The compression technology provides the added benefit of spreading the weight out evenly across the entire arm. This allows for a supremely snug fit and unsurpassed muscle activation. Phantom arm sleeves are the best option for baseball.

The evenly distributed weight is essential for throwing as it does not put undue stress on the shoulder. Unlike the product above, the fit is not very adjustable. A tight fit is necessary for successful use. It comes in three sizes to accommodate people of all types.

Phantom has engineered the perfect sleeve for baseball, swinging and throwing with these on will increase bat speed and shoulder strength. There’s no better way to train for baseball strength than using your own equipment and practicing with added resistance. At $30 for one or $55 for a pair the Phantom weighted arm sleeve does not come cheap, but for baseball players there is absolutely no second option.

Wrapping it up

Weighted arm sleeves are an amazing tool to increase resistance for your standard exercise activities. Whether it's walking or jogging, the additional resistance will strengthen and tone your arms. For runners, or competitive athletes wearing sleeves will let you improve the muscles you need to run faster, jump higher, and outclass the competition. The science is clear, it’s better to work smarter.

Target the muscles you need to improve, doing the activities you want to improve. It makes perfect sense. Add resistance to what you really love, so that in crunch time, it's easier than before. Arm sleeves with weights are not a magical fix, you still need to put in the time. However, why not get the most out of your practices, and workouts?