The Ultimate Guide And Reviews Of The Best Weighted Vests

Are you ready to get in shape with a weight vest?

Weighted vests are proven to tone your muscles and get your body in shape. Check out the top rated brands and get massive savings in the process! 

weight vest reviews

A good brand weighted vest is a good addition for any athlete tо improve thеіr performance іn a particular sporting activity. Hоwеvеr, уоu mоѕt certainly dо nоt need tо bе a hard core athlete іn order tо enjoy thе advantages or benefits оf weighted workouts.

Thе theory behind using weighted clothing it іѕ pretty simple and anyone can use it to make huge improvements to body shape, fat loss, running, cardio or in their every day training routines. Weighted vests are even used for people with autism. As already stated you do not have to be a super athlete to get the maximum benefits from your training, many of the great products we show in our reviews will definitely make improvements to your overall fitness levels.

They also come in a great varied adjustable range of weights from, 20lbs,40lbs, 60lbs,80lbs up to 100lbs all the way up to as high as you need to go. Take a look at some of the top weighted vest reviews we have put together to help you make a more informed choice,all of these top products are available from amazon at some great prices.

The Best Weighted Vest - Comparison Guide

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Weight Vest


Wearing a weighted vest can really help make your workouts extremely intense, the extra weight will help to shred fat away whilst toning up your muscles .

It's ideal for use whilst running or walking or training  and to really get the benefits, weights can simply be added or removed from their selected sleeves to reduce the weight until your fitness levels increase and you can add more weight until you reach higher limits of weight depending on which product you buy.

By forcing your body to move explosively at a higher weight than it has been accustomed to (i.e. by adding weight to artificially simulate an increase in your bodyweight), you will find that your strength, power, and quickness will all improve quite rapidly. The reason for this is that your central nervous system (CNS) and muscles start to believe that you have gained extra weight, and will start adapting accordingly. When the vest is removed, your body will react as if the weight is still there. The result is faster gains and higher jumps.

Also it's worth mentioning that weight vests are not only for us humans, weight vests for dogs are also highly popular. If you have a dog and want a workout partner, definitely check our article!​

  • Helps with weight loss by burning excess Fat
  • Explosive jumps are greatly improved
  • Improves power and speed
  • Great for ramping up your cardio
  • Can be used as part of your running programme for improving your stamina

Before and after results - How a heavy vest shapes your body

This gentleman lost 36 pounds in 10 weeks thanks to wearing a vest during his training sessions.

Three Of The Top Rated Weight Vests 

ZFO 40 LB Weighted Vest 

Using a training vest is a great way to keep fit and stay in shape and this is our top pick the ZFO weight vest is one of the best you will find on the market.

This 40lbs ZFO vest is designed to contour and stay tight on your body even under the most intense workouts. This is adjustable and is designed for both men and women and is a great starter for people who want a reliable vest at a great price.

Great for power walking, polymeric, hill bounding, running, lateral drills and vertical jumps.(Its comes with a Velcro belt that keeps the vest nice and tight to the body)

Simply adjust the weight by adding or removing individual bags to achieve the desired effect and get the benefits.

These types of vests are also used in the gym when performing exercises such as squats, lunges, dips, pull-ups, push-ups, etc.You can achieve your goals twice as fast with ZFO 40 LBS. (Read more…)

Cross 101 weight vest

Need to add some resistance to your workouts? Want to improve not only your strength but your athletic agility as well?

If you are looking for a well priced good overall weight vest then this is another of our top picks and is the Cross 101 weight vest in Camouflage.

This vest is comfortable to wear and comes with 10 ir0n ore weights of 4lbs each.

The total weight of this bit of kit with all weights added is 40lbs. This will give you a lot of resistance to your training and enhances whatever workout you’re doing, whether it’s cross fit, sprinting, cross training or strength training.

Even though it carries a lot of weight the vest itself is quite compact, in fact it will only come down from your collarbone 13 inches and has a width of 15 inches. It includes a one year warranty so if something does go wrong with the vest you’ll be able to return it for a new one. (See more here…)

ZFO 60 LB Weight Vest 

Here we have another great choice which is the heavier version of the zfo products.

Again it has been designed to stay tight to your body even during hard full on workouts.

This adjustable ZFO 60LBS weight vest is designed to be unisex and is a great starter for people who want a little more weight than the 40lbs version and is another reliable product at a great price.

It offers a nice snug fit and allows you to move and breathe easily when you workout. Adjustable simply by adding or removing individual iron bags.

Molded, custom fit eliminates weight shifting during training and comes with a velcro belt that keeps the vest tight against the body.

A workout vest can be used in the gym when performing your normal routine so you can add resistance to training exercises without compromising any bio mechanics.

You can achieve some impressive cardio results and as well as the fitness benefits it helps to increase Strength and Speed, Accelerates Weight Loss, Improves Respiration, Builds muscle, Gain speed and power. (more…)

Choose what fits you and your budget

All three vests have excellent customer reviews with only some small minor disadvantages. You can make a great buying choice by reading all of our other weighted vest reviews

Any exercise wіth a resistance placed оn уоur upper bоdу саn increase thе speed аt whісh уоu develop muscles, burn fat аnd change excess fat іntо muscle mass. There are many products related to weighted clothing on the market just ensure you get the right bit of kit that suits your exact needs.

Personally for overall quality and great value we would highly recommend the Hyperwear Weighted Vest for Men and Women for all workouts and it’s a great vest for running and for firing up your workouts to another level. As well as the Hyperwear vest there are many other good quality products on the market and we have added these brands to our product reviews including the Best Women’s Weighted Vest.

Sticking to good workout routines and fueling up with proper nutrition is a sure fire key to success,you just have to stay focused on your goal and keep going no matter how hard things get,and with the use of one of these superb vests it will speed up the whole process of getting in shape.

If you are looking for any kind of motivation or you are possibly thinking of starting a fitness regime then there are so many inspirational articles and routines available at You can get diet plans,nutrition ideas,workout routines,fitness programs and so much more. Whatever your goals are you can achieve them, just make a plan for this year and give it everything you have. Before you know it you will have a killer body to show off to everyone.

Are you ready to get in shape with a weight vest?

Weighted vests are proven to tone your muscles and get your body in shape. Check out the top rated brands and get massive savings in the process!